Turkish Bath (Hamam) Experience in Marmaris (Where, What to Expect?)

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    Turkish Bath (Hamam) is one of the unique experiences for travellers in Turkey. And so in Marmaris you can have great day out at one of Turkish Baths and enjoy the relaxation on the marble chamber, steam cleaning and massage by the professional masseurs. You definitely like this experience.

    How it is like?

    As your skin will be refreshed with hot steam cleaning, we recommend you take Turkish bath on the first, second or the last two days (after getting tan) of your Marmaris days.

    At the Turkish bath, you’ll enter a big and warm marble chamber, lay down for a while and get ready for the peeling of your body. It is believed that lying on the warm marble helps healing your body’s minor ailments.

    After you body is ready for peeling, you’ll have a famous foam massage that will make your body and skin clean, soft, all the dead skin gone. You definitely feel refreshed and than you’ll have time to relax at the lounge, have a drink, or enjoy an oil massage.

    The entire procedure takes around 1,5 to 2 hours.

    Types of Turkish Bath

    You’ll find two types of Turkish Bath in Marmaris. Standard or VIP Turkish Baths.

    Standard Turkish Bath

    Soap and Towels, Sauna/Foam Massage/Scrubbing, Oil Massage

    VIP Turkish Bath

    Sauna, renewal of the skin covering the scrub massage, face mask from natural ingredients, enriched with vitamins, special massage with soap foam, 20 minutes aromatherapy massage, 5 minutes head massage, removing the old skin of your feet, treatment of the foot, drinks (tea-coffee).

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