Turkey Best Standard & Budget Gulets: 2023 Prices, Advice

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    Blue cruise and gulet holidays in Turkey can be expensive but you are also able to find wide range of budget gulets from more than 500 types of gulets serving along dozens of great destinations. Here, we put together the most popular, preferred and best Turkey standard & budget gulets to make you plan your Turkey gulet holidays.

    Standard Gulets

    If you’re on a budget but still want to experience the beauty of the Turkish coastline, a standard gulet may be the right choice for you. These gulets are typically around 20-25 meters in length and can accommodate up to 12 passengers. They offer basic but comfortable accommodations and are great for those who want to spend more time exploring the beautiful bays and islands than on board the gulet.

    Standard gulets are smaller, simpler and more basic compared to the luxury and deluxe ones. They usually have traditional designs, with wooden cabins and common areas on the deck. They have around 2 to 7 cabins, and size ranging from 11.5 to 30 metres.

    What to expect

    Standard gulets offer comfortable cabins with basic amenities like air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, and a small wardrobe. The dining area is usually located on the back of the boat, where you can enjoy delicious meals prepared by your private chef.

    Average prices

    Standard gulet charters start from around €1,500 per week in low season, and can go up to €5,000 – €12,000 per week in peak season.

    Standard gulets for Turkey have around 2 to 7 cabins, and size ranging from 11.5 to 30 metres. Standard gulet prices range from €2.350 to €12.000 per week.

    You can see below our pick of best standard & budget gulets in Turkey and if you’d like to book one of them or take advice, you can fill out the request form at the bottom of the page and receive all the necessary information via gulet experts.

    Note: The gulet prices are renting the entire gulet price. Not per person. You can start your blue cruise and gulet holidays in Turkey from any popular resorts such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye, etc.

    Our Yacht/Gulet Charter - Blue Cruise Finding Service

    Looking for the perfect yacht or gulet for your next blue cruise in Turkey? As being team of Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek and Fethiye and region insiders that has been living in the city for more than 40 years.

    Best Yacht/Gulet Charter Agents in Turkey

    We put together several best, trusted and recommended yacht, gulet and cabin charter agents that you can book your blue cruise and gulet holidays through Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Antalya in Turkey, as well as other world popular destinations such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, etc.

    You can be sure that they all offer quality service for their guests, with their more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Make sure check the deals on their websites, choose your type of blue cruise, yacht or gulet, and plan your blue cruising holidays.

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    Just fill out the form below, providing us with some basic information about your preferences, such as the number of guests, desired itinerary, and budget. Expert team of gulet/yacht brokers that we listed above will then work tirelessly to find the perfect yacht or gulet for your needs.

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