Turgut Village (Selale Waterfall) along Marmaris (Top Attractions, Sights)

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    Turgut is a pretty village located about 30,8 kilometers on the on the southwest of Marmaris, and 9 kilometers to nearby Bayir village. A popular stop for Marmaris travellers who search for a village life experience.

    How it is like?

    Turgut village is famous for its famous waterfall, biggest carpet shops around Marmaris, ancient city of Hygassos, Turgut Castle, the coast with a beach, yacht club, cafes and restaurants 2 km. from the village.

    Many tourists visit the village. Turgut is also a popular pit stop for the jeep safari tours. The Carpet Industry is very popular in the village. You may find carpet from all over Turkey at the shops.

    Top Things to Do & See

    Visitors are able to see the progress of the carpet weaving such as wool’s becoming the yarn and the natural root paints. Turgut attracts its visitors with its beach and this carpet market.

    There are lots of restaurants offering quality sea and local food. Peanut is one of the popular production of the villagers. Besides tourism; apiculture, fishing, agriculture and stockbreeding is also popular in the village.

    Turgut Castle also is one of the places to visit in Turgut. The castle belongs to the ancient city of Bybassos.

    Turgut Waterfall is the most popular attraction in Turgut. In Selale (Waterfall), you may take a short nature walk in the company of the forest and small waterfall. And you may taste the local food. Selale is located between the villages of Bayir and Turgut.

    On the 5th kilometer from Bayir to Turgut, you will see a sign “Selale”. After a 200 meters ride from the main road, you may arrive Selale.

    Selale is a Turkish name for “waterfall” but it is not a huge one like you imagine. There is a wide valley covered with forests, plants and flora. And the water flows through the plant covered valley from the height of 4 meters. The area is cold which is very exciting in the hot summer times.

    The water of the river is icy cold. You may swim in the small lake if you can. There are small restaurants in the area. You may taste the local food or salmon fish. And it is possible to make a nature walk through the valley.

    In Turgut, you may also enjoy your holiday in the company of the great beaches, the sun and the sea at the nearby coast, 2 km. from Turgut village and at the Kizkumu beach, 4,5 km. from Turgut village, in Orhaniye.

    At the coast on the north of the Turgut village, there is a beach, a yacht club, cafes and restaurants. Fish restaurants offer the best quality of taste and you should try.

    the luxury aultra all inclusive hotel on the cape, Turgut coast with beach, restaurants and yacht club at the background

    You may visit the carpet shops and watch the carpet weaving process live and have fun.

    The ancient city of Hygassos is located in Turgut. Remnants can be seen on the walls by the coast and on the Temenos Wall in the region of the Ygeia holy area. And also on the way to Selale (Waterfall), about one kilometer on the right hand hill, you may see an antique structure.

    The archaeologists believe that the structure is a tomb of a warrior named Diyagoras belonging to the 3-4th century BC.

    You may also visit the Turgut Castle located on a 300 meters hill. It is possible to drive the half way. You need to walk the rest of the road to the hill. It is believed that the castle belongs to the ancient city Bybassos.

    You will be fascinated with the outstanding landscape on the hill. Orhaniye and Hisaronu Gulfs can be seen.

    Where to Stay?

    There is one apart hotel in Turgut village. There is also a luxury ultra all inclusive holiday village on the cape of the bay, between Turgut and Orhaniye. Both for the ones who search for peaceful and relaxing holidays.

    How to Get There?


    Turgut is located about 30,8 km. on the southwest of Marmaris, 9 kilometers to Bayir.

    Transport Options

    You may also find midi buses going to Turgut from central Marmaris.

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