Top Fun Things to Do with Kids in Marmaris + Insider Advice

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    With its busy beaches, great weather, and safe waters, Marmaris is a great choice for your holiday, with loads of fun things to do with the kids. Whether you want to spend the time on the beach or try the other fantastic activities on offer, your Marmaris holidays have it all! The beaches in Marmaris are great, and the eastern Mediterranean is a perfect place for kids to splash around in warm, safe waters.

    You can easily spend all your time on the beach, but if your kids want more excitement, you can visit the Marmaris Water Parks. They have loads of different water slides. There are bumper boats, the zipping kamikaze ride, and the terrifying black hole (not for the faint-hearted!). Your children will be dragging you back to this place, definitely.

    Marmaris for Kids & Families

    Marmaris Water Parks

    Marmaris water parks is one the best things to do in Marmaris where both adults and kids can enjoy a fantastic and joyful day out in Marmaris. Holidaymakers may find and enjoy variety of great shows and pretty cool rides at the Marmaris water parks. Continue reading…

    Marmaris beaches

    Marmaris has wonderful beaches. There are about 5 miles of breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters in Marmaris that start from central Marmaris to Icmeler. The beaches are excellent for kids and families. Continue reading…

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    Marmaris Dolphin Park

    Marmaris Dolphin Park, also known as Marmaris Dolphinarium is a lovely dolphin therapy and activity centre in Marmaris that is situated on the seafront of the Grand Mares Resort and Grand Yazici Club Turban, by Icmeler (3 km from Icmeler, 5 km from Marmaris Centre). Marmaris Dolphing Park operates for disabled children and also It is the first open water Dolphinarium in Europe. Continue reading…

    Fishing Trips

    Fishing trips is a fun day out and water sports activity for sea lovers. If you want to do something different at the sea in your Marmaris holidays, than taking a fishing trip along the open seas is a must especially for couples and families. Continue reading…

    Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari

    Quad & Buggy Safari in Marmaris is a great fun day out attraction, off-road fun and adventure especially for kids and families in Marmaris. Quad and buggy safari is made with the powerful quad motors along the beautiful nature of Marmaris. Continue reading…

    Karting in Marmaris

    Karting (go-cart) is a great attraction especially for kids and families in Marmaris. Karting is made along the karting path located about 15 mins. from Marmaris. Typical vehicles are 200 cc Honda. Continue reading…

    Daily boat trips in Marmaris

    Daily boat trips in Marmaris is also a great attraction in Marmaris. Variety of boats depart from the Marmaris harbour and from the Long beach and Icmeler beach for visits to side bays and islands such as the famous Paradise Island, various Caves, Aquarium and Green Sea Bays, Kumlubuk and Turunc beaches. Continue reading…

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