Top 6 Places in the World to travel with a catamaran

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    All over the world, there are a lot of very pleasant and beautiful places to visit. A very unique way to travel and enjoy some of these places sailing on a catamaran. This form of traveling is one of the most chosen by the most innovative and creative travelers.

    Using this travel method, you will be able to visit a great number of landscapes and unforgettable beaches. Further along, we present to you the six best places you should travel while on a catamaran. You will even notice that the fun begins from the very beginning of the trip. Let’s check out each of the characteristics that our friends at have made of each of these sites.

    French Rivera

    When we see the Mediterranean area we can notice a coastal region that has the most breathtaking landscapes and beaches Europe has to offer. Each of these places has sunny days that provide the best experiences for travelers. At the same time, there is a great variety of catamaran offers to take advantage of while visiting.

    These sites can offer delicious meals and a nightlife full of positive vibes. Among the most recommended places are Porquerolles and Port Cros where the atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxed. Here,  the historical and particular architecture of these sites is combined with white sandy beaches and heavenly bodies of water.

    In turn, the small ports and marinas are an excellent way to access a catamaran or rent a yacht. In other words, here the experiences lived by travelers are among some of the best the world has to offer.

    Canary Island, Spain

    The Canary Islands are famous islands that are located off the coast of Africa. Today it is one of the most popular places that many people frequent during their vacation. Here you can enjoy finding a formidable and unspoiled level of nature that is unparalleled.

    In turn, the local hospitality offers a warm welcome to all visitors. Along with this, it is possible to enjoy a mix of historical influences, history of people, and a combination of cultures. Of course, the best way to enjoy the islands is to have a catamaran sailing these shores.

    Whether it’s day or night, Tenerife is one of the places that provide a pleasant and lively stay at the same time. There are even a lot of people who think that this is one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. Here it is very easy to find favorable winds, incredible beaches, and protected marinas.


    In the Mediterranean, we can find one of the most impressive hidden jewels of the world. It is one of the great paradises for sailors due to the thousand of islands found in this area. One of the best known is the Dalmatian Islands due to their peculiar characteristics.

    The Dalmatian Islands, are an uninhabited area with geographical, accidental, and wild scenery. Therefore, all travelers will find virgin beaches and ancient villages with a great number of stories worth listening to. You can even rent a small private cove for those who wish to enjoy the isolation.

    The best time to visit is during the spring as the water can be very warm for swimming in May and April. Both in the south and the west of Istria, the cultural history and the wineries are worth the trip. So it is undoubtedly a wise and excellent choice to visit here.


    Turkey has a vast coastline of approximately 83,000 km, surely there is much to enjoy here.  So, it is very easy to find marinas, beaches, bays, coves, all within reach of 4 different seas. Of course, secluded anchorages and beautiful beaches abound and are more than enough for all visitors.

    You can find constant winds that combine with crystal clear waters in many places. In combination with this, the cuisine is one of the most sought after around the world. You will notice four different areas along the coast of Turkey. So, you will be able to find a lot of offers to travel by catamaran.

    If you want to enjoy the mountainous coasts, the best choice would be the west coast of Lycia. On the other hand, learning about a rich culture and in the best climates, We recommend the Ionian Coast. Another fantastic place of interest to visit is the Marmaris coast. If the earthly paradises exist these coasts are one of those places.

    St. Martin

    When you want to find an island where nature overflows with beauty St. Martin is your best bet. St. Martin is one of the most popular places to enjoy great sailing. This island is under the government of the Dutch and the French. So, the mixture of cultures is interesting to know.

    You can enjoy a catamaran to explore other islands like Saba, Anguilla, and Saint Barths. In all these places, you can find exceptional stores, incredible restaurants, and beaches with white silky sand.

    If you want to enjoy active nightlife you can navigate through all these sites. You will find yourself in one of the greatest destinations chosen by thousands of people every year.


    Interesting fact, this country offers more than 3000 islands and islets that visitors seek to explore each year. As a result, it is one of the most recommended places to visit with a catamaran.

    Some of the most recommended destinations are the islands of Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini. The amazing mixture of culture and history goes back thousands of years. So,  if you want to enjoy excellent beaches and a high level of nightlife, Mykonos Island is probably your best option.

    Final Words

    Without a doubt, there are a lot of places that are paradise and that are available to visit. Each of these sites can offer you pleasant and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, all the people who visit these places wish to return year after year due to all the attractions that nature has to offer.

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