The Top 5 Places to Visit in Turkey

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    With a culture so rich and beautiful historic sites, plus wonderstruck natural features, you cannot resist the tours in Turkey. Such features make the transcontinental state one of the most attractive world tourist destinations.  Besides, the country borders the Black and the Mediterranean seas, and it hosts some of the most striking beaches in the world. The spectacular natural attractions include forests and mountain resorts. 

    This tourist appeal is summed up by the mouth-watering Turkey cuisine that is well-known internationally. By 2023, the Turkey government anticipates having 75 million tourists as part of Ankara’s Vision Programme. It’s no surprise that researchers engaged people from 25 countries. They did this to determine what more could be done better to make their Turkey travel holidays more enjoyable.

    Our article explores the top 5 places to visit in Turkey. But first, let’s find out whether Turkey is safe to travel to.

    Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey?

    If you’re one of those asking yourself, is Turkey safe to travel to? Please note that it is a safe place to visit. More so, all possible measures are being put in place to boost safety and make Turkey safe to travel at any time. 

    Again, the most crucial concern you should know about the safety of your Turkey tours accommodation. Please note that you can find the best and well-secured 4- and 5-star hotels during your trip to Turkey. These accommodations are hand-selected keenly to ensure high-quality standards.

    Besides, since this is a big country with numerous areas of attractions, it can take time for visitors to decide on the best time to travel to Turkey. Generally, the country has Mediterranean temperatures, with the hottest months from June to September. The coldest months fall between December-February.

    Hence, the best time for Turkey tours is generally between May and October. This is when the sky is clear and the temperatures are pleasant. Thus, as a tourist looking for the best luxury tours of Turkey, you can comfortably visit different areas of Turkey at this time. Then, you can maneuver from the cities to the coast to the mountains comfortably and effortlessly.

    Let’s now look at the top 5 places to visit in Turkey.

    1. The Cappadocia

    You cannot tour Turkey and go back home without visiting Cappadocia. Every photographer dreams of capturing the most picturesque sights, including the Cappadocia. So, what’s so special about Cappadocia? 

    Cappadocia is well-known for three remarkable things:

    • Unique rock formation
    • Scenic hot air balloon trips
    • Rich historical heritage

    The historical site attracts a multitude of tourists from all over the globe. When you visit this dreamlike viewpoint, you’ll find a spectacular rock valley of hill crests and cliff ridges. The Cappadocia hosts a beautiful scenery of wavy-like rocks and wacky-shaped peaks formed by wind and water action.

    Around this unique landscape is the masterpiece cave-cut architecture and rock-cut churches of the Byzantine Era. The fascinating thing about this panoramic view is that; if you don’t want to hike and you’re daring enough, you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride. This scenic destination is one of the world’s best places for hot air rides.

    2. The Hagia Sophia Mosque

    Every year, millions of people make trips to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Who won’t anticipate touring one of the most beautiful buildings worldwide? Undoubtedly, everyone would have that longing. The Hagia Sophia (meaning “holy wisdom”) forms Turkey’s second-best-visited landmark. It is one of the most outstanding world examples of Byzantine architecture. 

    This is a dome-shaped monument made in the sixth century A.D. It was initially built as a cathedral in what is now Istanbul, Turkey. It has two floors firmly established on a giant nave with a great dome ceiling alongside other smaller domes.

    Some decorative elements that add to the dome’s interior beauty include the marble elements used for jars and columns in religious rituals. Identified as the Wishing Column, the marble pillar has a hole at the center. And it is partly covered by bronze plates.

    Indeed, your tours in Turkey can only be complete with a glimpse of this picturesque sight. A visit to the famous monument should be on your bucket list. Visitors are always curious about these ancient sights. And many are fascinated by the interesting facts concerning Hagia Sophia that might also perplex you.

    Many people visit the place and are impressed with the unique and attractive mosaics, stone inlays, bronze doors, and marbled floors. The fact that the building has been there for over 1,500 years and is still a sight to behold implies that there are stories behind these walls.

    The Interesting Things You Should Know About Hagia Sophia In Istanbul, Turkey 

    • Hagia Sophia began as a church.
    • It then turned to become a mosque, lasting for 500 years.
    • Later, it became a museum.
    • Hagia Sophia was not the dome’s name. It was first identified as ‘The Great Church.’ 
    • People associate Hagia Sophia with healing powers.
    • Being a 31m diameter dome, it was the world’s most spectacular church for centuries, hence called by art historians the 8th wonder of the world.

    3. Pamukkale

    Do you love connecting with the wonders of nature? If yes, then Pamukkale is the place. It is Turkey’s most popular and breathtaking natural wonder. The beautiful and pure white Pamukkale’s travertine terraces (cotton castle) are seen flowing down the slope like a snowfield amidst a lovely green landscape.

    Here, you can have fun walking down the travertine hill and crossing through the pools of water in the high porches. You then make your way to the small Pamukkale modern village.

    These travertines alone are a highlight of your Turkey tour. You’ll experience a wide-area ancient spa town and rambling ruins of Greco-Roman Hierapolis’s rambling ruins. This captivating scenery lies scattered over the peak of calcite hill.

    To capture the most perfect photo shots, try visiting at sunset hours. This is when the travertines appear glowing while complemented by the sun sinking below the horizon.

    4. Ölüdeniz

    Oludeniz is also known as Blue Lagoon. It’s one of the most famous destinations that tourists visit in Turkey. The place is highly cherished for its unique sea and spectacular views. In fact, Oludeniz is the world’s most stunning beach scenery. It’s one of the beaches that are most photographed in the world. 

    One primary reason is that it’s one of the best paragliding destinations on earth. Here, you get to experience a beautiful, breathtaking, long sandy beach and the Blue Lagoon that leaves many puzzled. You can paraglide over the beaches and Blue Lagoon and also do some horseback riding.

    So, whenever the beach becomes crowded, why not take it further to the skies and feel the breathtaking aerial views on a paraglider? You’ll take the dive off the peak of great Babadağ that rises high behind the shores.

    5. The Bosphorus

    The Bosphorus is one of the earth’s most remarkable waterways. It’s the only natural waterway separating the western and eastern cultures. The unique sea route is adjacent to the Asian and European coasts. Throughout history, it continues to attract many visitors worldwide due to its magnificent natural panorama. 

    It is also associated with the historical icon structures built on Bosphorus shores. So, as you cruise along the Bosphorus via the local ferries, or on a tourist ferry, you’ll get the most magnificent sightseeing opportunity in your Istanbul tour.

    While onboard, you get to capture the beautiful scenery of the shorefront that’s lined with the following historical attractions:

    • Ottoman palaces
    • Villas
    • Rumeli Castle, built by Mehmet the Conqueror
    • Byzantine-era ramparts of Anadolu Fortress.

    The famous Bosphorus tour activities you can engage in while here include: 

    • Bosphorus Lunch Cruise
    • Istanbul Bosphorus Sunset Yacht Cruise
    • Private Istanbul Bosphorus Sunset Yacht Cruise
    • Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

    If you wish to see more historical areas and capture some photo shots for memories, you can tour the place during the day. The most popular cruises are the Bosphorus lunch cruise and the Bosphorus sunset yacht cruise.

    Bottom Line

    Visiting Turkey, you get to have a feel of one of the most amazing cities in the world. For most people, even after having the best magical luxury tours in Turkey, they still cannot wait to return there again. 

    It’s not just about the tour alone. Besides, the intriguing fact includes the warmth and hospitality offered by the local people of Turkey. Again, the Tours of Turkey allows you to visit some of the most spectacular places in the world. Some people, for example, state that Istanbul is so vibrant that you cannot choose only one good thing about it.

    Still, others say that the country’s historical beauty is enough to fascinate anyone at a first, second, or third glance. And, not forgetting the vibrance of the local culture, which can blow your mind and take you aback. 

    Indeed, the attractive magic of this beautiful country is the most astounding on its own. It is something eternal to be felt in the air blowing around. Istanbul, for instance, inherited a great legacy from the empires that once ruled. This makes the city a perfect combination of modern and traditional settings.

    Fortunately, our article has given you the best guidance regarding Turkey’s top places to visit. The destination’s authenticity and magnificence are enough to make you fall in love with the area. With this discussion, you should have already pictured your best luxury tours of Turkey!

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