Chartering Yachts & Gulets in Marmaris Turkey (2023 Expert Guide)

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    Marmaris is the one of the best destinations for the best blue cruising in Turkey. In Marmaris, you’ll find the best yacht and gulet charter trips to Datca, Karacasogut, Gulf of Gokova, Gulf of Hisaronu, Bodrum, Gocek, Finike, and many other beautiful blue voyage routes. Luxury gulet cruise in Turkey is really a must for sailing lovers. Here you can read about chartering yachts and gulets in Marmaris and other popular holidays resorts in Turkey.

    General Info

    Whether you want to charter a boat daily, weekly or monthly, you’ll find plenty of choices blue cruising in Marmaris and Turkey, and can pick one that best suits your individual needs.

    Marmaris and other famous resorts in the Mugla region such as Fethiye, Gocek and Bodrum are all home to numerous charter agents that offer sailing yachts, motor yachts, gulets, catamarans and speedboats with different shapes and sizes.

    Sailing yacht charter

    Sailing yacht charters are mostly preferred with the amateur or professional sailing lovers to have a sailing experience with a sailing yacht, sailboat. These sailing yacht and sailboats also have motors to aid them in case of an urgent need.

    Sailing yacht

    Sailing yacht charters are also cheaper than the motor yachts as you’ll not have much fuel costs.

    Motor yacht / Gulet charter

    Motor yachts are the most preferred option for the holidaymakers. You’ll have comfort with exploring the coasts, have luxury and more space on boat, and of course speed.

    Motor yacht

    About Gulets, a gulet is a wooden motor sailing yacht built for blue cruising. Most gulets can be considered as wooden and motor yachts as well as they all have sails too.


    Catamaran charter


    Bareboat charter

    If you have a qualified skipper within your group, than you can have Bareboat charter. So that your own skipper can sail the boat and rule the others as a crew.

    The skipper should have an International Certificate of Competence, which is also an equivalent to the RYA Day Skipper qualification.

    Crewed or skippered charter

    If you don’t have a skipper within your group, and also want to charter a larger boat, than you’ll need to charter a skippered yacht with crew, depending on the size of the boat. This is the best option so that you can take the advantage your skipper’s experience and knowledge of the sailing the Turkey coasts, as well as towns and anchorage areas.

    Catered or self-catered charter

    This is offered by many companies that you’ll be able to plan and decide the meals and provisions you want to include on your package before you book your charter. You can also check and choose from the many private chefs and caterers for your Turkey blue cruise, to let them prepare your meals for full trip or just the odd night.

    Things to Plan Before You Book

    Before you make enquiry or plan your yacht and gulet holidays in Turkey, you’ll need to decide the number of people you plan on taking on the boat, the duration of your holidays, and whether you want a skipper or not. Also make sure that if you don’t have a qualified captain within your group, you’ll need one.

    You’ll need to plan whether you would go your blue cruise holidays with a sailing or motor yacht/gulet experience, because there will be big differences regarding the operation and experience of the boat.

    When to come

    Best time to have blue cruise and gulet holidays in Marmaris and Turkey is between the months of April and October. You can also find good calm weather in any season. Read more on weather in Marmaris >>

    Charter Options

    As for how to charter your blue cruising from Marmaris or any other resorts in Turkey’s Mediterranean coasts, you’ll have two possibilities. And all are fantastic.

    You can either rent a yacht or gulet and cruise only with your family or friends. This is called private yacht/gulet charter.

    Or you can just rent a cabin on one of the yachts or gulets and cruise with other people on board. And this is called cabin charter.

    Majority of the holidaymakers prefer to charter a private yacht or gulet in Turkey. And many of them are luxury gulet charters. And for couples or individuals, cabin charter is another great option.

    Gulet/Yacht Types & Prices

    You’ll be able to book your gulet holidays in Turkey in three categories that include standard, luxury or deluxe.  Standard gulets would cost you from €2.350 to €12.000 per week. Luxury gulets would cost you from €12.000 to €35.000 per week. Deluxe yachts would cost you from €35.000 to €150.000 per week. Continue reading…

    Choosing the Boat

    Below are the recommendations for choosing the suitable boat for your blue voyage trip.

    * The boat should be well cared and in good condition. The construction year of the boat or its being new is not that important. Maintenance is the most important thing.

    * You should determine your expectations and needs first. You should decide the boat you’ll choose after a conversation with the agency or captain.

    * The price of the boat is related with the size of the boat and the equipment. Don’t forget that the bigger and expensive boat doesn’t mean that it will meet your expectations.

    * The electricity in the most yachts is 12/24 volts. You should keep this in your mind and talk with the captain if you are willing to bring electrical stuff with you such as shavers, players, cell phones or computers.

    Some Insider Tips

    * Early booking is the key option when you plan your blue voyage holidays. You can get really good discounts if you book early in advance, while you may face limited yachts/gulet on the last minute season.

    * Last minute bookings can have bigger discounts, but keep in mind that you’ll have less options of the boats.

    * If you’ll check for last minute deals, that we recommend you to ask your Charter Agent and take their advice for the Best Value for Price, not the biggest discount.

    * Make your own yacht and gulet search from the quality charter agents websites (see below) with pictures, prices and types of the boats, so that you’ll have idea of what you’ll expect.

    * Charter Agents will help you find and book the best deals, regarding their many years of experience. So don’t bother asking and searching the yacht & gulets with the agents.

    * You can ask anything about your blue cruise plan, even ridiculous questions, and you can be sure that they’ll answer and help you with the best service.

    Blue Cruise “Do Not Forget” List

    Below are the things that you should not forget in your Blue Voyage trip.

    * The first and the most important thing is to bring your camera or cam recorder. The surprises of nature in the company of isolated bays, wonderful beaches and historic scenes worth taking the records and photos.

    * Do not bring large luggage. The cabins are not as huge as a hotel room. Blankets, big towels and sheets are served in the boats so you don’t need to bring that stuff with you.

    * Bring extra swim suits, slippers, sunglasses, lotions for sunbathing, snorkeling equipment, fly protection lotions and medication.

    * Bring walking shoes for the hiking tours, woolen shirts-jackets, shorts and pants for the cooler nights.

    * For those who want to sleep on the deck in the nights, it is better to bring sleeping bag.

    * Although every boat has its own entertainment stuff, it might be nice if you bring your own playing cards, games (i.e. chess, backgammon), books and music stuff with you.

    How to Book Your Gulet Holidays?

    * First of all, you’ll need to find an authorized and trusted charter agent who offers range of sailing yachts, motor yachts, gulets, catamarans and speedboats with different shapes and sizes and will assist you with every aspect of your gulet charter, from start to finish.

    * Blue cruise and gulet holidays are usually booked weekly or 10-day programs.

    * You can rent your own gulet or yacht in groups with your family, friends or loved ones. This is called yacht/gulet charter.

    * If you are alone, couple or with a small number of friends, you can join the blue cruise in between mixed groups, which is called cabin charter.

    * You are able to find lots of good charter agents providing gulet holidays. If you are asking our recommendations as insiders, here we only suggest the proven ways and top rated ones with travelers’ comments.

    * We also recommend you to read more on our below pages to have more ideas about the planning, services and advice about blue cruise and gulet holidays.

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