Marmaris Fishing Is Back – Equipping Your Bobber With Unique Local Historical Designs

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    Marmaris is one of the best fishing spots anywhere in the world, but in the past few years, environmental conditions have had a huge impact on the cleanliness and safety of the war. As highlighted by The Guardian, huge buildups of marine mucilage had previously endangered the quality of the water and made it difficult to fish.

    With this now cleaned up and the water looking in much better shape, it’s a great time for anglers to get back out, whether that’s on the coast or in the sea with a boat. One fun way to really help up your catch rate, and to give a little extra holiday vibe to your fishing, is through customized baits.

    Bright and blue nazars

    Fishers heading to Marmaris in the early and late stages of the year will encounter great temperatures, but the risk of rain – and so, with it, clouds. However, clouds are no reason not to fish, and, indeed, you can often increase your catch rate on those overcast days.

    One of the most iconic symbols of modern Turkey are nazarlik amulets, known for their distinctive blue white and black design, and are, according to Al Jazeera, one of the most popular tourist gifts in Turkey. Evil eye fishing bobbers are widely available and are a good way to attract fish – the contrast in the water will keep them nibbling.

    Maritime heritage

    According to, Marmaris has a long maritime history to call upon. In the 1520s, during the earlier years of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed II used the town as a major staging base for his invasion of Rhodes, a strategically and symbolically significant challenge for the Ottomans to overcome.

    There’s a rich maritime history to call on, and you can show that in your kit; red and white bobbers and baits, boat-shaped bobbers and bait buckets, and, really, the very pastime of fishing itself.

    British links

    Prior to being opponents in WW1, Britain and the Ottoman Empire shared some close links – and these continued following the downfall of the Empire and its conversion into modern-day Turkey.

    Few times was this more clearly than in the late 1700s. According to Marmaris Travel, Marmaris allowed Lord Nelson to dock his fleet at Marmaris before heading on to defeat Napoleon’s navy in Egypt, a vital stop on the way to restock, resupply and build morale.

    Fishing kits based on this historical event could include red-white-and-blue bobbers and bait, or perhaps those English favorite catches, such as cod, as the bait. This is another way to give a nod to the history of the town, and give yourself another way of gaining some insight into where you’re staying, and angling.

    Marmaris is dripping with history and you can reflect that in one of the best activities to take part in – fishing.

    Tailoring your kit to have subtle references to the history and culture of the area is the mission, and there’s a good chance you’ll actually improve the amount of fish you catch in the process.

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