Best Marmaris Daily Tours & Excursions (Prices + Insider Advice)

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    Boasting stunning landscapes and natural surroundings, long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, quiet little bays, countless ancient ruins and all the typical charms and hospitality of any Turkish city, Marmaris has all the hallmarks of a Mediterranean paradise. Below you’ll find detailed information about the best daily tours and excursions from Marmaris.

    As it is not a good idea to discover and see Marmaris and around by yourself; attending to a Marmaris excursions is the best choice on your Marmaris holidays. In Marmaris there are lots of daily excursions opportunities.

    No Regrets Marmaris Excursions Booking

    Here we only suggest the proven ways and top rated ones with travelers’ comments. You can feel free to book one of the below top selling excursions & day tours from Marmaris.

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    Excursions FAQ

    What are the top 3 excursions in Marmaris?

    Daily boat trips such as Cleopatra Island, Marmaris Bays or Dalyan, day trips such as Akyaka or Pamukkale, and Jeep Safari are the top 3 and the most popular excursions from Marmaris.

    What are the best daily boat trips from Marmaris?

    You'll find variety of great daily boat trips departing mostly from Marmaris harbour and Icmeler. About all come with lunch and all local drinks free. You'll have plenty swimming, snorkelling and sun-bathing. Popular ones include;

    What are the best outdoor sports and nature activities in Marmaris?

    You can experience the fun of going on 4×4 Jeep Safari, quad & buggy safari, bike rides, forest rides on mountain bikes, sailing catamaran trips, jet-ski rides, canoeing, rafting, climbing, diving, paintball, horseback riding, mountain hikes, hang gliding, karting and many more.

    What are the best water sports and water activities in Marmaris?

    You'll find wide range of opportunities including parasailing, pedalos, jet skiing, canoeing, sea kayaking, scuba diving and more. Daily boat trips, Yachting, Sailing, Diving Tour, Fishing Tour and Rafting Tour are the best options.

    What are the best sightseeing and day trips from Marmaris?

    Marmaris a very big coastal town and located at the center of many world famous holiday towns and lovely destinations in the Dalaman region of Turkey. Among all these beautiful destinations, we recommend you to visit Dalyan, Turunc, Selimiye, Kizkumu, Koycegiz, Akyaka, Pamukkale and Ephesus.

    What are the best night time attractions in Marmaris?

    When it comes to nightlife in Marmaris, you’ll experience the sensual and fertile Marmaris nights eternally watching over your dreams with its crazy parties, live music, laser shows, dance parties, foam parties, dress code parties and parties with famous Dj’s. Popular attractions include Night Party Boat, Talk of the Town Cabaret Show and Turkish Night Experience.

    Best Excursions from Marmaris

    It’s up to you to which excursion to participate. They all offer great attractions, sights and quality service. You’ll make the most of Marmaris’ attractions, sights and sounds with these excursions and daily tours. You can check out all on our guides, read their itineraries with pictures and decide the one that will best suit your needs.

    Daily Boat Trips

    As for daily boat trips; a Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip, Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip, Mega Diana Boat Trip, Dalyan Turtle Beach Boat Trip, Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, Akyaka Boat Trip and Aegean Islands Boat Trip are the best options.

    Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip

    It offers great fun and water activities including sailing along the beautiful waters of Marmaris, plenty of swimming, snorkelling and sun-bathing. It also comes with lunch and all local drinks free.

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    Mega Diana Boat Trip

    This is one of the most attended boat trips in Marmaris. You can experience and enjoy the beautiful bays and coves around Marmaris with this all inclusive boat trip. In addition to lunch and all local drinks, it also comes with breakfast.

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    Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip

    One of the most popular boat trips. The very exciting Pirate boat takes its guests through the beautiful coves and bays of Marmaris and provide one of the greatest boat trips from Marmaris with sailing, partying, sunbathing and swimming.

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    Aegean Islands Boat Trip

    This is a great option to explore and enjoy the all the surrounding beautiful bays and coves of Marmaris, along Gulf of the Aegean Sea and Gulf of Hisaronu.

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    Cleopatra Island Boat Trip

    This is one of the most popular daily boat trips and excursions in Marmaris. About 90% of the holidaymakers in Marmaris visit Cleopatra Island by a day cruise during their Marmaris stay. Cleopatra Island (Sedir) is famous for its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae.

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    Dalyan Turtle Beach Boat Trip

    This is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Marmaris. About 90% of the holidaymakers in Marmaris attend to Dalyan boat trip during their Marmaris stay. Dalyan is famous for its unique Dalyan river, protected sandy Turtle beach, mud baths, the ancient Lycian Kings’ rock-cut tombs, and the ancient city of Kaunos.

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    Fishing Boat Trip

    This is a fun day out and water sports activity for sea lovers. If you want to do something different at the sea in your Marmaris holidays, than taking a fishing trip along the open seas is a must especially for couples and families.

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    Outdoor Sports, Adventure & Nature

    If you love outdoor sports, than the 4×4 Off-Road Safari tour; Quad & Buggy Safari Tour and Horse Safari Tour are the best options.

    4×4 Off-Road Jeep Safari

    If you want to take as much advantage as possible of the incredible countryside views, head out on a Marmaris 4×4 Off-Road Safari. The vehicles follow a thrilling route up and down narrow roads which wind around the pine forested mountains, and also through wide mountain rivers to find the most breath-taking views of the surrounding rolling hills. You may experience and enjoy the outstanding countryside views, Marmaris surroundings and nearby villages, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking scenery.

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    Quad & Buggy Safari

    Quad & Buggy Safari is a great fun day out attraction, off-road fun and adventure especially for kids and families in Marmaris. Quad and buggy safari is made with the powerful quad motors along the beautiful nature of Marmaris.

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    Horseback Riding & Horse Safari

    Marmaris Horse Safari or horseback riding is a great outdoor sports activity in Marmaris for nature and adventure lovers.

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    Karting (Go-Kart)

    Karting (go-cart) is a great attraction especially for kids and families in Marmaris. Karting is made along the karting circuit located about 5 mins. from Marmaris. Typical vehicles are 200 cc Honda.

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    Water Sports & Water Activities

    If you love water sports, than the Scuba diving Tour; Fishing Tour; Rafting Tour; Water Parks and Dolphin Park are the best options.

    Scuba Diving Tour

    For those of you who prefer to be beneath the waves, why not try scuba diving in Marmaris?. There are lessons available from qualified instructors on the beach at Marmaris, and you can spend a day building up to moving along the ocean bed at a depth of 5 meters.

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    Marmaris Dolphin Park

    This is a lovely dolphin therapy and activity centre in Marmaris that is situated on the seafront of the Grand Mares Resort and Grand Yazici Club Turban, by Icmeler. The Park operates for disabled children and also It is the first open water Dolphinarium in Europe. You can participate and enjoy the Watch, Meet & Swim with the Dolphins programs.

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    Atlantis Water Park Tour

    Atlantis Water Park offers great water attractions that include variety of slides, kids pool, wave pool, mini golf, bowling, restaurants and bars. It is the most popular water parks in Marmaris.

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    Aqua Dream Water Park Tour

    Aqua Dream Water Park offers great water attractions that include variety of slides, rafting slide, aqua tower, body slide, black hole, kamikaze slides, multi slide and wave pool, restaurants and bars. It is the biggest water park in Marmaris.

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    Rafting on Dalaman River

    Rafting Tour from Marmaris is a great excursion and attraction in Marmaris for the nature and adventure lovers. The white water rafting is available for 4 to 6 groups of holidaymakers with experienced and professional guides along the waters of 3-4 grade on the Dalaman River.

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    Sightseeing Day Trips

    And as for day tours from Marmaris; we highly recommend you to visit Dalyan, Pamukkale and Ephesus, that are the must see tourist destinations in Turkey.

    Dalyan Day Tour by Bus

    Dalyan village is a very unique place situated in Ortaca, the Dalaman region of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, about 90 km. from Marmaris. You can visit Dalyan via daily boat trips, but day trips to Dalyan by bus has recently become very popular with the tourists in Marmaris. And you’ll also be able to see Koycegiz lake.

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    Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour

    If you want to save yourself from the lazy hotel day out and experience something really different and adventurous during your holidays, than you should try taking a day trip to Pamukkale and try this 1 to 2 hours hor air balloon flight.

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    Pamukkale Day Tour

    Pamukkale is an UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, and a natural beauty, located in the Denizli region, about 208 km. from Marmaris. Pamukkale, also called as Cotton Castle, is famous for its spectacular white landscape, the ancient Roman baths, Cleopatra’s Pool, thermal spring having therapeutic powers and the Amphitheatre, Hieropolis World Heritage Site.

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    Ephesus Day Tour

    Ephesus is an UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, located in the Izmir region, about 210 km. from Marmaris. Ephesus is famous for its ancient Greek and Roman port-city, the grand Amphitheatre where St. Paul once preached, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, and the world known House of the Virgin Mary, that is believed to be the location of Mary’s last home.

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    Ephesus & Pamukkale 2-Day Tour

    Ephesus and Pamukkale are the most visited historical sites in Turkey, and so from Marmaris. As well as with the individual day trips to these places, this 2-Day trip combines both Ephesus and Pamukkale, and is a great option for the ones who want to explore these places during their stay in Marmaris.

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    Traditional Village Tour

    Marmaris Village Tour is a great day out and sightseeing activity and excursion made from Marmaris to the nearby villages to discover and experience the beautiful villages, village life countryside, the culture and the nature. Holidaymakers may experience and enjoy the simplicity of rural life of the nearby villages of Marmaris and meet the local people.

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    Leisure, Entertainment & Nightlife

    Marmaris Night Party Boat

    Marmaris Night Party Boat is a popular night time entertainment made on boat through Marmaris coastline. You can have a great party night out with your friends, or romantic night time activity with your lover or spouse, with this entertaining night party boat trip from Marmaris.

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    Talk of the Town Cabaret Show

    Talk of the Town (a.k.a. Cheers Bar) is a fantastic night club and beach bar situated along the Long beach in central Marmaris. Here, you can experience a great evening out in Marmaris to see and enjoy the famous and spectacular Cabaret Show (comedy drag show) by the UK Bobbie Kents International Playgirls.

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    Turkish Night Experience

    Turkish Night is a special night time dine and wine entertainment attraction specific to Turkey, that lets the foreign holidaymakers experience the Turkish culture and traditions in the company of Turkish cuisine and music. Typical Turkish night programs begin with live Turkish music, and followed by Turkish dance performance with the Turkish Belly, folklore dancers, whirling dervishes show and more.

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