Blue Cruise Itinerary: Marmaris – Datca – Marmaris

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    About the Route

    General Info

    This blue cruise route from Marmaris is one of most popular routes. A perfect combination covering about all of the most beautiful and unspoilt bays, coves, towns, beaches, historical sites and nature.



    Route Itinerary

    Marmaris -> Amos/Turunc -> Bozukkale -> Datca/Knidos -> Bencik Cove -> Orhaniye -> Selimiye -> Bozburun -> Marmaris

    Typical Blue Cruise Itinerary

    Day-1 (central Marmaris)

    You’ll start your blue cruising from Marmaris to Datca, with a great day out at central Marmaris, strolling along the historic centre and marina region. You’ll have an overnight stay.

    Day-2 (Turunc)

    You’ll sail along the beautiful Amos bay and Turunc, a picturesque beach resort of Marmaris hidden away in a wonderful bay on the southern coast of Marmaris.

    You’ll have great time at the Turunc bay, as well as strolling along the pretty beach front, having a rest at the variety of great restaurants and cafes, on your Turkey gulet cruise.

    Day-3 (Bozukkale, Loryma)

    You’ll have great day and have lunch around Arap Island. And than you’ll visit Bozukkale, a lovely harbour popular with the blue voyage yachts and boats with its protective area. You’ll have plenty of swimming, surfing, canoeing and enjoying all the beautiful coves and natural beauties.

    The Gulf had strategic value in the past centuries. The fleet of Athens have moored here in 1412 BC and also have gathered here in 395 BC for the Knidos Sea War. The cove hosts lots of yachts and boats today and there are restaurants serving the boats.

    Day-4 (Datca)

    The Datca Peninsula offers a natural boundary between the Aegean Sea, the Gokova Gulf on the north and the Mediterranean Sea, the Hisaronu Gulf on the south. Once a small harbour and fishing town, and dating to the Dorian times, it is still one of the most beautiful places on the region.

    Datca is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The heaven nature, the barren coves and the very clean sea are the valuables of Datca. You’ll find about 52 wonderful coves around the peninsula. Plus the ancient city of Knidos, situated in a very beautiful bay.

    You’ll have great day out to explore Datca, its beautiful streets, shopping and entertainment places, as well as have snorkeling, diving tours, swimming and relaxing at tits beautiful beaches and bays.

    through Knidos

    The Kargi Cove just across Datca is another small cove that mostly preferred for swimming. The cove is like a pool and the sea is fascinating. After you pass through the Ince Cape, you are now just so close to Knidos.

    Before sailing to Knidos, a lunch break in the quality restaurants at the Palamut Buku is mostly preferred. Palamut Buku is a nice cove with quality restaurants and a long wonderful beach.


    Knidos is one of the best promenade area of the region where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Knidos has a artificial formation of in and out harbours. The ancient city spread by a four kilometers of city walls.

    You’ll find an outstanding panorama on the hill. From one side you see the Aegean Sea, on the side you see the Mediterranean Sea. Beaches in the area is also worth swimming.

    You’ll also find a nice restaurant at the coast, which is serving only for yachts and gulets during summer times.

    Day-5 (Bencik cove)

    Bencik is the located on the side of the Hisaronu Gulf and it is the most narrow place of the peninsula. The distance between the Gokova Gulf decreases to 800 meters. A must see place. Wonderful cove and turquoise waters will give you great experience.

    Majority of the gulet cruises anchor at Bencik cove for sure. It is believed that if you don’t, than you didn’t sail on the Aegean coast of Turkey.

    Here, you’ll spend a great day out on board with plenty of swimming, sunbathing, reading your favorite book, or do watersports.

    Day-6 (Selimiye & Orhaniye)

    Selimiye is another popular stopping point for the yacht, gulets and boats sailing between Marmaris and Bodrum. Here you’ll experience real authentic lifestyle of Turkey.

    Selimiye is famous for its wonderful bay, beach, cafes and fresh sea food at the restaurants, blue cruising yachts and gulets, ancient city of Hydas, boat trips to nearby coves and islands of Kamelya and Difllice. You’ll find lovely restaurants to try the traditional food and especially fresh fish.

    And finally you’ll sail through Orhaniye, a famous for its wonderful bay, unique Kizkumu beach where holidaymakers apparently walk in the middle of the sea, water sports, Marti Marina, yacht club, the castle remains belonging to the ancient city of Bybassos, cafes and restaurants by the beach front.

    Yachts anchoring to Hisaronu Gulf always spend their nights in Orhaniye. You’ll have a wonderful dinner here.

    Day-7 (Bozburun)

    Bozburun is a cape located on the far end on the southwest of Marmaris. Bozburun is mostly known by the yachtsmen. Life is so calm and quite in Bozburun. The region is quite barren related to the other regions in Marmaris.

    Bozburun hosts lots of calm coves around to be discover and moor by boats and yachts. Also the remnants of the ancient city of Larymna is around the region. You’ll have plenty of relaxing, swimming, having snacks in several nice restaurants with an overnight stay in Dirsek buku.

    Day-8 (back to Marmaris)

    After you sail back to Marmaris, you’ll check-out upon a great breakfast in the morning. You’ll have time again to explore more of Marmaris if you want. After this excellent gulet holidays in Turkey, your charter representative will assist you about leaving the boat, town, transfers and advice.

    You’ll always find great yacht & gulet charter agents operating for blue cruising holidays in Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Antalya coasts of Turkey. We listed the best ones below.

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