Guide on Marinas in and around Marmaris (Services, Facilities, Locations)

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    The sailing community in Marmaris and surroundings is very big that sailors can find good number of marinas for all shapes and sizes of boats and yachts.

    The prices for both buying and renting moorings, and whether for long or short term, are dependent to the size of your boat/yacht, time of the year, Marina’s location, services, and the owner’s profile. Therefore, it will be hard to suggest an average mooring cost. What can be expected is that during the high summer season, the prices rise dramatically. Rentals are offered daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

    Marinas in central Marmaris

    You’ll find three Marinas situated in central Marmaris.

    Netsel Marina

    Netsel Marina is the main and the most popular marina in Marmaris. Marina is in the heart of Marmaris and inside a natural beauty. It is located northern end of the big Marmaris cove and located by a green hillside. It is so easy to cruise a relaxed and meandering coastline to outlying villages or a stopover for lunch when you moor in Netsel Marina. The Island of Rhodes is only 25 miles away to the south.

    Two concrete-block breakwaters enclose a total area of nearly one hectare providing easily accessible berthing of yachts up to 40 meters L.O.A. The marina features a floating concrete docking system where yachts are tied stern to. Berths are spacious enough to allow berth holders to sail their boats whenever they wish. The piers are made of Swedish patented floating concrete pontoons, firmly anchored to concrete blocks for safe mooring. The marina provides all-weather protection for over 750 yachts.

    Netsel Marina is one of the best serving marinas in whole Mediterranean coats. There is a fuel bunkering station on the outer quay and also in addition to a 20 ton slip hoist, there is a 120 ton travel lift for larger and heavier boats. All forms of maintenance, painting, engine, power and electronics can be found in the marina. Netsel Marina is also very popular with its huge shopping centre. You may see yacht equipment shops, brand clothing shops, markets, souvenir shops, luxury restaurants and bars in the area.

    Address: Sarıana mah. M.Münir Elgin Bulvarı No:38/2, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkey
    + 90 252 412 27 08 ; Fax: + 90 252 412 53 51
    VHF Channel 06 Call Sign: Port Marmaris
    Coordinates: 36°51’02″N – 28°16’38″E
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    Albatros Marina

    Albatros Marina is located on the east of the cove along the way to the Yalanci Strait and after passing the Gunluk Park. Marina mostly serves for the charter firms and has small capacity of 60 boats.

    Marina has a careenage capacity of 240 yachts & boats on land. Facilities are; restaurant & bar and a small market.

    Address: Sarıana Mah. Mustafa Münir Elgin Bul. No: 46, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkey
    Tel: + 90 252 412 24 56 ; Fax: +90 252 412 55 47
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    Marmaris Yacht Marina

    Marmaris Yacht Marina is situated on a beautiul cove on the Fake Strait and facing the Paradise Island. Marmaris Yacht Marina has a capasity of 750 boats at sea and 1000 boats on land.

    Marmaris Yacht Marina is also an award winning marina of Marmaris.

    Address: Adakoy Fake Strait, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkey
    Tel: + 90 252 422 00 22 ; + 90 252 422 00 85
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    Marinas around Marmaris

    You’ll find two Marinas situated near Marmaris.

    Marti Marina in Orhaniye

    Marti Marina is located on the east of the Orhaniye Cove entrance. It has a careenage capacity of 100 yachts & boats on land and 300 yacht&boat for mooring.

    Facilities are; restaurant & bar, market, swimming pool, and maintenance-repair services.

    Address: Hisarönü, Orhaniye, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkey
    Coordinates: 36° 45′ 30″ N, 028° 08′ 30″ E
    Tel: + 90 252 487 10 63
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    Setur Karacasogut Marina in Karacasogut

    Setur Karacasogut Marina is located about 21 km. on the north west of Marmaris, on the beautiful Karacasogut cove. It has a careenage capacity of 16 yachts & boats.

    Facilities are; electricity, water and shower.

    Address: Karacasogut, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkey
    Coordinates: 36º 56′ 00”N 28º 11′ 00” E
    Tel: + 90 252 465 53 45 ; Fax: +90 252 465 53 47

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