Koycegiz Guide (the Lake, Top Things to Do, Places to See & Stay)

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    Koycegiz is located 55 kilometers on the north of Marmaris. The village is established nearby a big lake named Koycegiz Lake.

    How it is like?

    As Koycegiz is not located nearby the coastline, you will feel yourself like you are travelling through inlands. But as you come across to the big lake, you will realize that here is another surprise of the nature. There is a small island on the lake called Hapishane (Prison) Island.

    Koycegiz Village centre is very neat. Koycegiz’s population is always regular during in summer and winter. Like in the other villages and in Marmaris, Koycegiz’s population doesn’t decrease during winter times.

    Central Koycegiz is always alive and you may find whatever you want. Restaurants offer the quality of local tastes.

    There are seven branches of rivers coming down from the mountains to the Koycegiz Lake. One branch of the river goes down to Dalyan district. Koycegiz is also famous with its tasty drinking water. There are lots of facilities for accommodation as well.

    Things to Do & See

    Taking a nice lake hike will give you a great comfort. Koycegiz can be considered as the heaven of ecological tourism. You can take a hiking tour through the plateaus and the magnificent pine covered hills such as Golgeli Mountains, Sandras, Besparmak and Cankurtaran Summit.

    Sandras Mountain is highest mountain in the region. The altitude is 2.294 meters. The Yuvarlak (Round) Stream is located by the Sandras Mountain. It is another must see area.

    There are lots of restaurants by the stream. You may spend nice times there in the company of nature.

    The plateau of Agla is another pit stop for the travelers. The village there is located on a 800 meters of altitude and famous with its very cold and tasty drinking waters. The environment is great for ecological tourism lovers. Pine covered hills and forests are really fascinating. Oak trees with an age of more than 600 years also worth seeing.

    If you continue hike and climb through 2.000 meters, you will come across to the Kartal Lake. The lake has great panorama.

    Motorless water sports such as wind surfing and sailing are also preferred in the lake. You may also experience a fishing day in the lake.

    The lake is also very ideal for fishing fans.

    A short boat trip in the lake can also be exciting.

    Don’t forget to stop by the Hapishane Island and see the remnants of a small castle belonging to the era of the Genoese.

    The Kazanci promenade area is another alternative for the travelers. You may have a nice picnic day there. Environment is outstanding.

    There are also day trips from central Koycegiz to Dalyan, Kaunos, Iztuzu Beach, the Waterfall, the Plateau of Agla, Gocek, 12 Islands, Sarigerme and Ekincik Beach.

    How to Get there?


    Koycegiz is situated 55 kilometres on the north of Marmaris and transportation is very easy. You can easily find buses operating to Koycegiz from Marmaris Intercity Bus Terminal. Or you can book a Koycegiz Dalyan day tour below.

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    Koycegiz & Dalyan Day Tour by Bus

    Dalyan village is a very unique place situated in Ortaca, the Dalaman region of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, about 90 km. from Marmaris. You can visit Dalyan via daily boat trips, but day trips to Dalyan by bus has recently become very popular with the tourists in Marmaris. And you’ll also be able to see Koycegiz lake.

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