Karacasogut (the Bay, the Waterfall, the Cave and the Ancients Cities)

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    Karacasogut is a charming place situated in a lovely bay, located 24,1 km. on the northwest of Marmaris. Karacasogut Bay is also one of the most preferred blue voyage destinations along Marmaris to Gulf of Gokova.

    How it is like?

    Karacasogut is famous for its impressive bay, the waterfall with a natural pool, a cave and antique settlements.

    Top Things to Do & See

    Karacasogut Bay

    The Karacasogut Bay is situated in a region that where forests come down to the sea. Very lovely place. The mountains and hills are all covered with pine forests.

    There is a small marina, a small port for 15 yachts, sailing school, restaurant and market. You may also take a hike through the forests along the bay.

    Karacasogut Waterfall and Cave

    The famous Karacasogut waterfall drops from 25 metres and forms a natural pool. In addition, there is a 421 metres long and 15,5 metres wide cave having two parts that include Somalikaya Dudeni and Sucikti Cave.

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    The galleries in the cave is only accessible by very small boats. Visitors can only go into the cave with guides and also only 10 metres and accompanied.

    Ancient City of Euthena and Amnistos

    The remains of the ancient city of Euthena and the the Ancient City of Amnistos is located near Karacasogut. The Necropolis with its walls, rock graves and cisterns of Euthena can be seen as well as the remains of the antique period temple at the top of the hill.

    The remains of the ancient city of Amnistos are located on a promontory near the Karaca village. The city wall remains and the old port wall can be seen.

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    How to Get There?


    Karacasogut is situated about 24,1 kilometers on the northwest.

    Karacasogut Bay Coordinates: 36° 56′ 30.2136″ N , 28° 11′ 16.8684″ E

    Transport Options

    You may get there by your own/rented car. Visiting Karacasogut Bay by boats is the best way.

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