Hiking, Trekking, Climbing & Canyoning in Marmaris (Tips & Advices)

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    Hiking & canyoning in Marmaris is also a great attraction for adrenaline, nature and outdoor sports lovers. You may experience and enjoy the outstanding countryside views, Marmaris surroundings, great valleys and canyons by trekking and hiking in Marmaris. Trekking in the Canyon, climbing, swimming in the ice cold mountain waters will inspire you for sure.

    Nature lovers will definitely be mesmerized with the natural beauties of the inland regions along the rough and green countryside of Marmaris and also one the best things to do in Marmaris.

    If you want to take as much advantage as possible of the incredible countryside views, Marmaris surroundings and fresh air, than head out on a Marmaris hiking and canyoning tours.

    Popular Hiking Tracks & Tours

    Kumlubuk has the best hiking tracks in the Marmaris region, as well as Sogut and Turunc.

    by the villages of Sogut, Taslica, Kirkkuyular, Sercegüt, Taslica, Kirkkuyular and Serce Bay

    Village Sogut is the first pit-stop and you will be fascinated with the nature and landscape there. You will be watching the peninsula and Greek Islands with great desire. After the coffee&tea break, the route is Kirkkuyular via the Taslica Village.

    You will experience the living village life there. You will start hiking there and will be fascinated again with the village remnants of a 300 years of age.

    After hiking to the Serce Cove, you will have a great lunch and have a rest by the sea and will be able to swim. You will have great experience for sure on your Marmaris holidays.

    Marmaris-Icmeler canyon tour

    Icmeler Region offer great panorama with its canyons with the company of nature. You will experience the tough nature and feel the adrenalin deep inside your veins.

    With the company of the tour guides, this safe and adventurous canyon tour will give you unforgettable memories.

    Marmaris-Turgut village tour

    Turgut Castle tour is one of the fascinating tours. By the village Turgut, with the company of pure nature, deep blue skies, variety of trees and interesting formation of rocks, you are climbing the path and reach the castle.

    Turgut Castle has great landscape of both sea and sky. You will have great experience for sure.

    Marmaris – Village Yerkesik and Sarnic Canyon Tour

    You will experience the living village life when you arrive Village Sarnic. The region was a digging and mining area in the old centuries.

    After a coffee&tea break you will take a hike through the roads of the diggings and arrive to a beautiful canyon with a river. You will fascinated with the nature there.

    Marmaris – Karacasogut Cave Tour

    It takes half an hour from Marmaris to arrive the Karacasogut Cave.

    The cave is awesome with the formations on the walls. You will be fascinated with the tour for sure.

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