Gunnucek, Fake Strait (Adakoy) and Paradise Island (Nimara Peninsula) along Marmaris

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    Gunnucek, Fake Strait and Paradise Island is one of the most charming places in Marmaris. Located just across the Marmaris Bay, the region is a popular place to spend a great day out in a forest area on the seashore during hot summers.

    From central Marmaris, after passing the Marmaris Netsel Marina through the Marmaris National Park, Gunncucek comes first, than Fake Strait and finally Paradise Island.


    Gunnucek is a popular area for picnics lovers and can be accessed via the passage by the Netsel Marina.

    The environment in the Gunnucek region is lovely that there is a brook that supplies a special oil named sweetgum oil which is used in the perfume industry.

    Fake Strait

    Fake Strait is a natural cape located in Adakoy, looking like a strait (while it is not) when it is viewed from central Marmaris. That’s why locals call it “fake strait”, “yalanci bogaz” in Turkish. It has a story of a captain who has hided to the area for sheltering in a very stormy weather thinking that it is a straight but ran aground after.

    Due to this story the area named as “Fake Straight”. The cape is being used as a yacht marina today. The region is a rocky area.

    Fake Strait

    The cape of the Fake Strait connects the peninsula named “Nimara”, also called as “Paradise Island” (Cennet) or “Star Island” (Yildiz) to the main land.

    Paradise Island

    Paradise Island (Nimara Peninsula), together with the small Bedir Island accross, is a popular stopping point for daily boat tours. Paradise Island has lovely walking paths for hiking lovers.

    There are beautiful restaurants and cafes around the harbour for the visitors and for the daily boat tours coming from Marmaris. There is also a beach club and resort hotel in Paradise Island.

    Paradise Island

    The impressive caves of Paradise Island also worth a visit and see. You may also swim and enjoy a great day out at the Paradise Island.

    Paradise Island beach

    How to Get There?

    Gunnucek, Fake Strait and Paradise (Cennet) Island (Nimara Peninsula) can be accessed by walking, taking a bus or with your private/rented car by passing the Netsel Marina. The region is located about 8 km. from central Marmaris.

    If you want you may ride eight kilometres to the Yalanci Bogaz (Fake Straight) (Adakoy) and from there take a walk to the island.

    It may be a nice trekking experience for you. The path through the island is great for nature lovers. It has a wonderful landscape.

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