Gulf of Gokova (Top Attractions, Sights, Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing Guide)

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    Gulf of Gokova is located 30 kilometers on the north of Marmaris. Gulf of Gokova is one of the most preferred blue voyage destinations due to its heaven nature with lots of coves and history. The gulf has an outstanding view from the pine covered high hills. There are parking areas by the Gokova Hill Road for the ones who want to experience the great panorama.

    Top Things to Do & See

    The Akcapinar beach which is a world famous spot for kitesurfing, the charming holiday village of Akyaka and nearby Azmak River, the famous Cleopatra Island & Cleaopatra Beach and the Akbuk Cove are the popular sights around Gulf of Gokova.

    Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding

    The Gulf of Gokova along Akyaka, the Akcapinar beach, is one of thebest kitesurfing destinations in the world. A paradise for kitesurfing lovers.

    You may experience and enjoy kitesurf or paddle surf in the Gulf of Gokova.

    Kitesurfing is also one of the best attractions along the windy coastline of Gokova.

    There is a kitesurf school nearby the beach as well as great facilities such as beach cafes, parking area, etc.

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    Along from the hills when you went down to the coastline, you will see the Akyaka Village. The idyllic village of Akyaka has a very impressive panorama with the forest area, hills, the stunning landscape along the Gulf of Gokova and the beautiful Azmak River.

    The sea has all variations of the blue colour. The hills behind Akyaka are covered with pine trees. Akyaka is also the member of the International Slow City Association (Cittaslow) since 2010. Camping and hiking mostly preferred in Akyaka Village.

    You may hire a boat and have a trip to the coves around the gulf. There are hotels, apartments and pensions that you may stay and by the river you may see lots of restaurants. Continue reading…

    Cleopatra Island & Beach

    Cleopatra Island & Cleopatra Beach, also known as Sedir Island (Cedrae), is located in the Gokova Gulf, about 22 km. on the southwest of Akyaka and can be accessed from the Camli port.

    Cleopatra Island is famous with its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae ruins. There is an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra used to swim here.

    The site belongs to the ancient city of Cedrai. The old city walls, theatre and temples can be visited. The voyage will fascinate you also with an unforgettable panoramic view of the mountain scenery across the bay. Continue reading…

    Akbuk Cove and beach

    Akbuk cove is a very beautiful cove located about 24 km from Akyaka. The cove is also a popular place for yachts mooring.

    There is a beautiful beach, several restaurants, camping facility, apart hotels and pensions at the Akbuk cove.


    How to Get There?

    Gokova is situated about 30 kilometers on the north of Marmaris and transportation is very easy. There are also variety of daily boat trips from Marmaris to the Gulf of Gokova. Enjoy the fascinating panorama on your trip to the Gulf of Gokova.

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