Gocek – Fethiye – Oludeniz – Gocek Blue Cruise (2020 UPDATED, Best Itinerary)

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About the Route

General Info

This blue cruise route from Gocek is a great one to explore and enjoy the Gocek, Fethiye and Oludeniz coasts. A perfect combination covering about all of the most beautiful and unspoilt bays, coves, towns, beaches, historical sites and nature.



Route Itinerary

Gocek -> Manastir Bay -> Cleopatra’s Bay -> Tersane Island -> Gulf of Fethiye -> Turunc Fountain Bay -> Oludeniz -> Gemiler Island -> Tersane Island -> Yassica Islands -> Gocek

Typical Blue Cruise Itinerary

Day-1 (Gocek town)

You’ll start your blue cruise from the port of the pretty town of Gocek, which is a popular base for yachts and gulets in Turkey. After you settled down to your boat, you’ll have free time to explore this nice town, surrounded by pine forests, isolated bays and beautiful islands.

There are a lot of beautiful coves and islands in the region. The sea great but there are no beaches around. Gocek Gulf and its marina is one of the Mediterranean’s best sailing spots. Dotted with islands and indented with many coves, its land and seascapes are fascinating. The ruins of the ancient city of Arymaxa, on the south side of the gulf, stands on the edge of the azure waters. Gocek waters are very suitable for water sports. You may see the sea turtles (caretta caretta) around the cove.

You’ll have an overnight stay in one of the beautiful bays near Gocek, mostly Gocek Island or Aga Limani Bay and jave your dinner there on boat.

Day-2 (Manastir Bay, Cleopatra’s Bay, Tersane Island)

You’ll start your first blue cruise day after a good breakfast on board and sail through beautiful Manastir (Monatery) bay, with ruins of a monastery underwater. And you’ll find ruins of a bath in the water which is known as Cleopatra’s Bath or Sunken Bath. It is believed that Cleopatra herself used to bathe here. You’ll have plenty of exploring the region, hiking or snorkeling over the ruins.

Your next stop will be Tersane (Shipyard) Island, where you’ll find ancient ruins around the creek from the Byzantine time. Tersane Island is the largest island of the Fethiye Gulf. During the era of the Ottomans, the area is used as a shipyard and you may see the remnants of the shipyards and some structures.

There are two harbours in the cove named as winter and summer harbours. The winter harbour is located by a deep channel. The summer harbour is located on a protected cove and very suitable for anchoring. Tersane Island is very popular for anchoring and swimming in the region.

Than you’ll head to the Bedri Rahmi Bay, which is one the most popular bays around Gocek.

Day-3 (Bedri Rahmi Bay, Gulf of Fethiye, Fethiye town)

You’ll continue your blue cruise from Bedri Rahmi Bay through Gulf of Fethiye and enjoy the beautiful coasts. Sarsala Cove is another well protected area in the Fethiye Gulf and very popular for the blue cruise yachts and gulets.

The region is very calm. The cove has wonderful sea and beach. The environment is fascinating in the company of pine covered hills. There are no structures around, visitors just stay in the arms of the heaven nature.

When you arrive Fethiye, you’ll be mesmerized with the picturesque bay with pine and cedar forests, as well as the Lycian Rock Tombs alongside the harbour.

You’ll have a historic town exploration, enjoy traditional food at the many quality restaurants, shopping and enjoy bars and cafes.

You can also do outdoor sports here in Fethiye such as paragliding, whitewater rafting, or 4×4 off-road safari along the beautiful mountain roads.

You’ll have an overnight stay at the beautiful Turunc Fountain Bay.

Day-4 (Turunc Fountain Bay, Oludeniz)

After a good breakfast on board, you’ll head through famous Oludeniz (the Dead Sea) region of Fethiye. Oludeniz is a world famous surprise of the nature. It is been called as the God’s Gift to the World. Oludeniz is very calm and no waves inside due to its natural formation. It is like a magic. There are no seaweed in the motionless sea. It is possible to swim for ten months a year in the region.

The Blue Lagoon here, is one of the best places in the world absolutely nothing but soaking up under the bright sun amid stunning natural surroundings.

Here you’ll have plenty of swimming, sunbathing, relaxing on board, or paragliding from the famous Babadag Mountain. Paragliding enthusiasts can do it here in Oludeniz, one of the best places in Turkey for this sport, that you’ll fly over Oludeniz beach and the Blue Lagoon.

Day-5 (Gemiler Island)

You’ll sail through beautiful Gemiler (Ships) Island, also known as St.Nicholas’ Island, and here you’ll find Byzantine remnants such as churches that were built between the 4th and 6th centuries AC., that lie among the pines.

You’ll have time to explore the Gemiler Island on foot. And in the evening you’ll have a nice dinner in the company of beautiful sunset here. And have an overnight stay at the Tersane Island.

Day-6 (Yassica Islands)

You’ll start your cruise from the Tersane Island and have a swimming break along the crystal clear waters. And than head to the Yassica (Jessica) Islands.

Yassica Islands are formed with 5 tiny islands, and offer great seascape. They are the nearest anchoring point by the Gocek Gulf, and considered to be the best locations in the Fethiye Gulf for photo shooting. Romantic sunset photographs are very ideal. There are also very suitable coves around the islands for anchoring.

You’ll have plenty of swimming in between the islands, sunbathing, relaxing on board, or do watersports. You’ll have an overnight stay here in Yassica Islands.

Day-7 (Gocek Island)

You’ll again have great day out activities at the Yassica Islands and than sail through the Gocek Island, where most of the yachts and gulets spend the last day.

You’ll have your dinner here and have an overnight stay.

Day-8 (back to Gocek port)

After you sail back to Gocek, you’ll check-out upon a great breakfast in the morning. You’ll have time again to explore more of Gocek town if you want. After this excellent gulet holidays in Turkey, your charter representative will assist you about leaving the boat, town, transfers and advice.

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