Foodie Treats From Around the World in Marmaris

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    Every year Marmaris, with its beautiful, long coastline welcomes more than 400,000 visitors. The location of the town means that it is a haven for foodies, looking to try some fresh seafood and delicious Mediterranean treats. There are more than 300 restaurants in the area, where you can try food from all around the world, as well as plenty of authentic Turkish cuisine.

    There is something for every budget too including cooked breakfasts, fast food and grilled steaks. Whatever you fancy to eat, there are some great foodie treats to be had in Marmaris.

    Down by the sea

    Infinity Bar and Restaurant (Armutalan, Cumhuriyet Cad, Barbaros Cd. No:28, 48700) has a cult following in the town with visitors and locals alike. Not only is the food good, but there is also the added bonus of being able to have a swim whilst you wait for your meal.

    The restaurant is only a few steps away from the sea, so there is always a great view of the ocean while you dine. The nostalgic smell of the sea is one of the key factors in triggering your food cravings. Vacation memories of the colorful surroundings can make you reach out for those comfort foods. The meals served at Infinity are comfort foods at their best – simple, but delicious.

    You can expect some tasty grilled fish and seafood, served with colorful salads. There are lots of Turkish options on the menu, including Adana and Shish Kebabs, and Meze platters. If you’re a meat-eater, there are also plenty of steak options, and the T-bone cooked on the barbecue is a particular treat, that you will be craving for a long time after.

    Romantic Dining

    Bono Good Times (Tepe Mah. Barbaros Cad. No:269/Z2 Yat Limanı) down at the marina is definitely somewhere that you would want to take a date to enjoy some romantic dining. Unlike some of the tourist restaurants in Marmaris, you certainly won’t find anyone outside hassling you to go in and eat either – Bono is a place with class, and this is reflected in the food.

    There is an excellent choice of tapas, and you can even get sushi that is made to order. It is the gourmet pasta dishes that are particularly popular however, and they certainly wouldn’t be out of place on the menu of a fine-dining Italian restaurant. Bono makes the most of the fresh ingredients on offer in the Marmaris area and cooks them beautifully.

    Simple but delicious

    Jimmy Martini’s Restaurant and Steakhouse (Çıldır, 207. Sk. No:56, 48700) is popular with both locals and tourists, all drawn in by the simple, but delicious food on offer. Jimmy’s may not be the most glamorous restaurant in Marmaris, but it won’t disappoint with the friendly atmosphere and size of the portions.

    The Sunday lunches are extremely generous and you can get a full English breakfast that will keep you going all day. Of course it’s the steaks that Jimmy’s is most known for, cooked on the grill to order, they are perfect served with salad and fries.

    There is something for every budget in Marmaris and you can dine around the clock. With the town located right on the coast, there are some great restaurants cooking with fresh, local ingredients, that you will want to return to time and again.

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