Enjoying A Hot Marmaris Summer – Through History

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    Marmaris has the perfect summer weather, and with the removal of COVID restrictions, many tourists will be eyeing up the resort for their next trip. Indeed, Euro News has recommended Marmaris as a key destination, given it also has competitive rates when compared to nearby resorts. Marmaris isn’t just a warm town with pleasant resorts, however.

    Alongside the many extreme sports and fishing incursions tourists can enjoy is a rich history that can be explored throughout the town and its surrounding area. Through this, you can enjoy the summer heat while getting plenty of chances for respite in the shade.

    By the water

    Marmaris is a resort town today, but was in antiquity a crucial port town. According to Marmaris Info, the town has been settled since the 6th century BC, when it was known as Physkos, part of the Carian Empire.

    The crucial importance of the town was outlined in 138 BC, when Roman generals made the effort to manage it from as far as Rhodes. A taste of this history can be experienced two ways. For a sense of the past, simply head out for a swim on the beaches. The view of the bay and a keen imagination can give you a sense of what was once facing Turkey from across the waves. For a more direct historical experience, consider renting a villa for the ideal chilled vacation experience, and head to the Archaeological Park of Yuleik, located centrally, to see archaeology from the 4th century BC.

    The caravanserai

    While sometimes touted as something of a tourist trap, the caravanserai is nevertheless an essential stop in any tour of Marmaris. Built by, and named after, none other than the mother of Suleiman the Magnificent, its construction coincided with the Rhodes campaign that dominated that area of Turkey for many years to come.

    Today, with its shops, bars and inns, it’s a fantastic place to stop and have a drink, either in the sun or when catching some shade. In many ways, you’ll replicate exactly what visitors of the day did – stopping off on travels to another land.

    The Ottoman legacy

    Marmaris remained an important coastal town, but its real significance in history didn’t appear again until 1522. The Ottomans built a huge harbor in the town as a launching point for assaults on Rhodes, at that point still held by the Knights Hospitaller and aided by the Republic of Venice.

    The port was crucial, as was the castle, first built in 3000 BC according to scholars. Visiting the castle gives you the chance to enjoy sun – on the walls – and shade – within the courtyards, at a leisurely pace.

    Marmaris is famed for its sun – get your fill of it while also enjoying history. The town’s historic, strategic vantage point on the coast made it a gateway to conquest, or a barrier against attack. The town is a resort, but it’s a piece of history, too – enjoy it both ways on your next trip.

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