Central Marmaris – Marmaris City Centre (Top Attractions, Sights)

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    Central Marmaris (Marmaris city centre) is the main resort, the most visited and accommodated region of Marmaris with its variety of great hotels, apartments, restaurants, cares, bars, beaches, attraction centers and more. Central Marmaris is also the center of great entertainment and nighlife in Marmaris.

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    Marmaris city centre can be explored by the Historical Centre, Marmaris Harbour and Marmaris Netsel Marina on the east, the Long beach and promenade, Siteler and Armutalan on the west.

    Marmaris Old Town – Historical Centre

    The region bordered by the Marmaris Castle, Marmaris Harbour and Marmaris Marina is called as“Marmaris Old Town” (the historical centre of Marmaris)”. The historical buildings at the central Marmaris are all date back to 16th century during the era of the Ottoman Empire.

    The historical building around the Marmaris are all protected and restored and most of them today serve as bars, restaurants and shopping malls. The narrow streets and wooden building look very fascinating.

    Points of interest at the Marmaris Old Town include; Marmaris Catsle & Museum and Marmaris Grand Bazaar, also known as Carsi Market.

    Marmaris Castle & Archaeology Museum

    It is believed that Marmaris Castle was first built by the Ionians (1044 BC) and later on repaired during the era of the Alexander the Great. The Castle was rebuilt and widened by Suleyman the Magnificent during his campaign for the Greek island of Rhodes in 1522.

    Marmaris Archaeology Museum is located on the site of the beautiful Marmaris Castle, on the hill behind the Marmaris Marina. Marmaris Archaeology Museum has seven indoor areas, and two of the basic ones are the archaeology lounge and ethnography lounge. The remaining areas are used as art galleries and storage. Continue reading…

    Marmaris Harbour and Netsel Marina

    Marmaris Harbour, with its lively bars, pubs, shops and restaurants lined up along the Kordon street, Barbaros street and promenade, is the most lively place of central Marmaris where you may see crowd walking, resting and enjoyn their Mamraris holidays.

    Marmaris Harbour

    Marmaris Netsel Marina is the main and the most popular marina in Marmaris. Marina is in the heart of Marmaris and inside a natural beauty. You may see yacht equipment shops, brand clothing shops, markets, souvenir shops, luxury restaurants and bars in the area.

    Marmaris Netsel Marina

    Long beach (Uzunyali) and beach promenade

    Long beach (Uzunyali) is located between central Marmaris and Icmeler. Long beach also pass through the popular Siteler resort. After a short walk from central Marmaris to the west, you arrive the Long beach promenade.

    Long beach stretches down the side of Marmaris, so holidaymakers will be able to dip into the sea whenever they want. The region is lovely with a very long seaside walking path offering lots of discos, clubs and cafe bars.

    There are huge quantity of restaurants, bars and cafes together in the area. There are also lots of hotels just by the seaside.


    Siteler is the most popular holiday resort in the central Marmaris that has wide range of accommodation from 3 star, 4 star, 5 star, all inclusive luxury hotels to quality apartments. Siteler is located along the Long beach promenade, on the west side of central Marmaris. Siteler has about 2 km. of coastline.

    The traffic free promenade overflows with cafes, restaurants, bars and shops for sandals, sunglasses and souvenirs, as this resort has made sure that you’ll have everything you need for a perfect beach holiday. One of the popular water parks of Marmaris, Atlantis Water Park is also located in Siteler.


    Armutalan is also a well developed tourist centre located on the west side of central Marmaris, on the inland, surrounded by forests. Armutalan has all the necessary tourist facilities and services.

    With its new quality hotels, apartments, cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, playgrounds, sporting facilities and entertainment centers, Armutalan is a popular holiday resort just beside central Marmaris.

    The walking path along the Armutalan forest is a popular area for picnics, cycling, rock climbing and nature walking lovers. One of the popular water parks of Marmaris, Aqua Dream Water Park is also located in Armutalan.

    Central Marmaris beaches

    There are variety of great beaches along the beautiful coast of central Marmaris.Marmaris Uzunyali Beach, also known as the Long Beach and Marmaris Urban Beach are the two main beaches in central Marmaris.

    Long Beach is located right next to Marmaris Urban Beach that also holidaymakers will be able to dip into the sea whenever they want. The Long Beach stretches along the very long sandy coastline (including Siteler) of about 10 km. till Icmeler.

    Daily Boat Trips

    Attending to daily boat trips made from the central Marmaris, along the Marmaris harbour promenade, is a great day out attraction in central Marmaris.

    Variety of themed boats leave the harbour in the morning, sail through the beautiful bays and coves around Marmaris as well as popular Dalyan and return about 15.30-16.00. A must take attraction for sea lovers. Continue reading…

    Daily Tours & Excursions

    If you don’t want to spend your Marmaris holidays just at your hotel on a routine day out, attending to daily tours and excursions from central Marmaris is a great opportunity to experience and enjoy the stunning landscapes and natural surroundings, long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, quiet little bays and charms of Marmaris.

    Daily boat trips, 4×4 off-road safari, ATV quad safari tours, horse safari, scuba diving, Marmaris village tour and Dalyan tour are the top selling and the most popular excursions and daily tours in Marmaris. Continue reading…


    Holidaymakers may find great shopping opportunities from popular outdoor markets, supermarkets, antique and handicraft shops to great stores at the central Marmaris. Jewellery, leather, carpet, rug, clothing, traditional tastes and souvenir shops are intensely located in central Marmaris.

    The Marmaris Grand Bazaar is the biggest public shopping centre and shopping area in central Marmaris that you may find all your needs and holiday shopping items there.

    Netsel Marina also hosts variety of luxury and great shops and boutiques.

    Eating Out

    You may experience and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, authentic Turkish cuisine and the authentic flavour of the sea at the popular restaurants and cafes in central Marmaris. Traditional mezes with yogurt, aubergine, pepper, tomato and olive, fresh green beans and seafood are the popular traditional dishes in central Marmaris.

    The touristic inland parts of central Marmaris, the harbour promenade, Old Town and Marmaris marina regions are the popular spots for great eating out in central Marmaris.


    Central Marmaris is the liveliest region in whole Marmaris. The popular and liveliest nightclubs, discos, pubs and bars are all located in central Marmaris. After dinner, at dusk, all central Marmaris streets become very lively, ranging from small roadside and beach front restaurants, pubs and bars to nightclubs and discos as well as bustling terraces or in romantic corners by the sea.

    The Marmaris marina area, harbour promenade, Long beach promenade and the Marmaris Bars street are the popular spots for intense entertainment and nightlife in central Marmaris.

    Where to Stay?

    As for accommodation in central Marmaris, central Marmaris boasts the most comprehensive and best equipped network of hotel, apartment, pension, bed & breakfast, holiday villas and holiday accommodation in the Marmaris region.

    Siteler and Armutalan are the most popular districts that holidaymakers stay. Central Marmaris offers wide range of accommodation opportunities from 3 star, 4 star, 5 star and family friendly hotels, apartments to quality holiday villas and apartments from standard packages to deluxe residences.

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