Cabin Charter from Marmaris, Turkey (What to Expect?, Prices)

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    Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure on the stunning coastline of Turkey? A cabin charter is an excellent way to explore the best of the Mediterranean, and Marmaris is a great starting point. Here’s what you can expect from a cabin charter from Marmaris.

    Marmaris is a lovely resort town that boasts turquoise waters, a charming harbor, and a lively atmosphere. It’s no wonder why it’s a popular starting point for a blue cruise. A cabin charter is perfect for those who want to experience a luxury yacht cruise at an affordable price.

    What is a Cabin Charter?

    Cabin charter is a type of blue cruise that allows travelers to rent a cabin on a shared yacht or gulet. You’ll be sharing the vessel with other travelers from around the world, and you’ll get to experience the cruise together, making new friends and enjoying shared experiences.

    Cabin Charters let individuals or couples enjoy the blue cruising in Marmaris without an obligation of filling the entire boat. Cabin charter cruises are organized on a regular basis every week or fortnight with a preset itineraries.

    Cabin Charters are really great fun for the participants. Meeting new people worldwide and establishing friendships are great experience.

    Typical Day on Board

    Most of the cruises made weekly and start on Saturdays or Sundays upon a great breakfast. Participants will see lots of isolated bays and inlets.

    Hiking oriented sailing is also another option. You are arriving back to Marmaris on Friday afternoon. This will let you have a nice last night in Marmaris if you are to leave back for home on Saturday.

    Your day on board will start with a delicious breakfast prepared by the crew. Then, you’ll head out to explore the stunning coastline, which is dotted with hidden bays, secluded coves, and picturesque islands.

    There will be plenty of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. You’ll also get to experience the local culture and cuisine during stops at charming villages and towns along the way.

    Some guests prefer to jet skiing, diving or other water sport activities. In the afternoon till sunset or late evening, sailing to another bay is the next activity. Lunch and dinner times take place.

    From coast to coast in the company of turquoise waters and nature, participants enjoy the blue voyage and have great holiday experience.

    In the evenings, you’ll have the chance to relax and unwind while enjoying dinner and drinks on board. You can also choose to explore the nightlife in the towns you visit or simply enjoy the peacefulness of the yacht.

    Average Prices for Cabin Charter from Marmaris

    Cabin charter prices from Marmaris can vary depending on the type of yacht or gulet and the season. However, they are generally more affordable than private charters. Here are some average prices you can expect:

    • Standard cabin charter: €400-€600 per person per week
    • Luxury cabin charter: €600-€1,000 per person per week

    Overall, a cabin charter from Marmaris is an excellent way to explore the stunning coastline of Turkey while meeting new people and enjoying a luxury yacht experience at an affordable price.

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