Bordubet (the Bay, Beach, Glamping, Top Attractions, Sights)

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    Bordubet Bay is a picturesque and secluded bays situated on the Gulf of Gokova, about 28,4 km. on the northwest of Marmaris.

    How it is like?

    Bordubet is a heavenly place, nestled in between forested hills and mountains and has an azure and calm sea.

    Bordubet Bay is also a natural port and a secure shelter from strong winds. The name “Bordubet” comes from the English “Birds’ Bed”, created by the English soldiers that have stayed in the cove during war and have fallen in love with the big number of birds’ chirps.

    Bordubet, like you may imagine, is always full of birds chirps.

    Top Things to Do & See

    Bordubet Bay has a superb location that where forests come down to the sea as well as a 600 metres long river going inland and opening up to a beautiful 1 km. long beach. You’ll feel like you’re in the Amazons.

    Bordubet Bay is a very relaxing and peaceful place visitors may experience and enjoy the region by making water sports such as canoeing, sea kayaking, stand-up paddling, windsurfing, hiking or trekking along the forest paths of the on the Carian trail while listening to birds singing, fishing, cycling and mountain biking.

    There is also a viewpoint and a complex situated within a short trip through the pine trees and there you may experience the stunning views of the Gulf of Gokova.

    And at the complex, you may find a beach, a restaurant and a terrace overlooking to Gulf of Gokova. Here you may enjoy your meal and drinks in the company of stunning views.

    Where to Stay?

    Bordubet Bay has two impressive facilities that include a forest camp and a boutique hotel nestled in an outstanding environment.

    Camping is boutique here that is also called as“Glamping”(means boutique camping) which is the combining of the words“Glamorous”and“camping”.

    A fantastic type of holidays for the ones who love nature and search for peace.

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    How to Get There?


    Bordubet Bay is situated about 71 km. from Dalaman airport and 28,4 km. from central Marmaris.

    Transport Options

    You may get there by your own/rented car. Visiting Bordubet Bay by boats is the best way. By pubic transportation, you may find midibuses for Degirmenyani village, Bordubet from Marmaris.

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