Blue Cruise Itinerary: Bodrum – Gokova Gulf – Bodrum

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    This blue cruise route from Bodrum is a perfect one to explore and enjoy the Bodrum and Gulf of Gokova coasts. A perfect combination covering about all of the most beautiful and unspoilt bays, coves, towns, beaches, historical sites and nature.



    Route Itinerary

    Bodrum -> Orak Islands -> Cokertme Bay -> English Harbour -> Seven Islands -> Kufre Bay -> Cleopatra Island (Sedir) -> Karacasogut -> Yali Ciflik Bay/Pabuc Cape -> Karaada Island -> Bodrum

    Typical Blue Cruise Itinerary

    Bodrum is a popular beach resort of Turkey and described as “the Land of the Eternal Blue” by Homeros. An impressive medieval castle built by the Knights of the Rhodes guards the entrance to Bodrum’s dazzling blue bay, in which the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet.

    Bodrum is world wide famous, attracting a diverse population of vacationers who stroll along its long palm-lined waterfront as the elegant yachts crowd the marina. No far from the town, you can swim in clear, tideless and warm seas. Underwater environment is really fascinating.

    Day-1 (central Bodrum)

    You’ll start your blue cruising from Bodrum, one of the best starting points for gulet cruise in Turkey, with a great day out at central Bodrum, strolling along the historic centre and marina region. You’ll have a great dinner and have an overnight stay at Bodrum harbour.

    Day-2 (Orak Island, Cokertme Bay)

    After a great breakfast, you’ll start cruising through the famous Orak Island. You’ll have plenty of swimming, sunbathing, or reading your favorite book on board there. And following, you’ll head to the large Kissebuku Bay with lots of beautiful coves and Byzantine ruins to explore.

    And you’ll continue your route to Cokertme Bay and the picturesque fishing town of Cokertme, anchor there and have dinner and an overnight stay.

    Cokertme Bay

    Cokertme is a wide cove located on the north side of the Gokova Gulf, between the Kepce Cape and Karaburun.

    There is a small village of Cokertme by the shore. The shore is quite long. The region is a well protected area against the strong winds so that the yachts mostly prefer this region for mooring.

    Day-3 (English Harbour)

    After a good breakfast, you’ll start your third day of gulet cruise by sailing from Cokertme Bay through the famous English Harbour, along the Gulf of Gokova.

    Gokova Gulf

    The gulf has an outstanding view from the pine covered high hills. The translucent and deep waters of Gokova Gulf, on the southern shore of the Bodrum Peninsula vary from the darkest blue to the palest turquoise, and the coastline is thickly wooded with every hue of green. In the evenings, the sea reflects the mountains’ silhouette against the sunset and during the night the region shimmers with phosphorescence.

    English Harbour

    The English Harbour, also known as English Port, is a lovely and very peaceful place and a popular mooring point for yachts and gulets on the Gulf of Gokova. Its story dates back to World War II, and took its name from the fact that the British Naval forces used to dock and torpedo boats hid here.

    The harbour is looking like a lake and the shores are covered with pine and rose-bed forests. You’ll have plenty of swimming, sunbathing, reading your favorite book on board, or do watersports. The region is also famous for its romantic sunsets. And you’ll also have an overnight stay here.

    Day-4 (Seven Islands, Kufre Bay, Long Port)

    You’ll sail through the famous Seven Islands in the morning. The region is excellent with its beautiful coves, small islands, and coral reefs. The region also provides a perfect shelter for anchoring and so you’ll have plenty of activities here during the day. You’ll have a stop at the beautiful Kufre Bay along the Seven Islands region.

    You’ll do plenty of swimming, sunbathing and do many watersports activities including diving. You’ll also have the opportunity to go on land and enjoy a hike and nature walk along the pine forests.

    Later on, you’ll head to the Long Port are where you’ll anchor, have your dinner and have an overnight stay.

    Day-5 (Cleopatra Island, Karacasogut)

    You’ll continue your gulet cruise through the famous Cleopatra Island and than to the Karacasogut Bay.

    Cleopatra (Sedir) Island (Cedrae)

    Cleopatra Island (Sedir) is famous with its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae. The remnants of the city walls can be seen. You’ll find an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra used to swim here.

    Cleopatra Beach here has a very unique golden sand that can only be found in the deserts of the North Africa. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the ruins on the east part of the island stands for the era of Romans.

    Karacasogut Bay

    Karacasogut is a very attractive bay famous for its impressive bay, the waterfall with a natural pool, a cave and antique settlements. The Bay is situated in a region that where forests come down to the sea. Very lovely place. The mountains and hills are all covered with pine forests.

    There is a small marina, a small port for 15 yachts, sailing school, restaurant and market. You may also take a hike through the forests along the bay.

    You’ll have an overnight stay here and also have the opportunity to hit the intense nightlife with the bars and nightclubs in central Marmaris, within about 30 minutes reach. You’ll find easy transportation that will be arranged by the crew.

    Day-6 (Yali Ciftlik Bay, Pabuc Cape)

    You’ll continue your gulet cruise back through Bodrum along Yali Ciftlik Bay and Pabuc Burnu (Pabuc (Shoe) Cape).

    You’ll find a very beautiful beach at the Yali Ciftlik Bay and its village. You can have great day out with swimming and sunbathing here. Also have the opportunity to explore the village and the rural life with a great traditional Turkish meal after a stroll around the village.

    And than you’ll head to the Pabuc Burnu, located on the north of Bodrum coasts. The region is an ideal place to anchor, and has crystal clear waters for swimming and so watersports. You’ll have an overnight here.

    Day-7 (Karaada)

    You’ll sail through the Karaada (Black Island) region and have an overnight stay there. It is situated about 30 minutes from Bodrum coasts.

    The region is very attractive with pine forets. You can also bath in the grotto there, where the warm mineral waters are flowing out of the rocks and is believed to give power and health.

    You’ll have plenty of swimming and dive where the coves around the region are best training areas for divers.

    Day-8 (Bodrum)

    After you sail back to Bodrum, you’ll check-out upon a great breakfast in the morning. You’ll have time again to explore more of Bodrum if you want. After this excellent gulet holidays in Turkey, your charter representative will assist you about leaving the boat, town, transfers and advice.

    You’ll always find great yacht & gulet charter agents operating for blue cruising holidays in Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Antalya coasts of Turkey.

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