Top Best Shops & Markets in Marmaris (Insider Advice Guide)

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    Marmaris offers wide range of products for the holiday makers. The biggest public shopping centre, Marmaris Grand Bazaar, also known as Carsi Market is the most popular shopping area in Marmaris.

    What to Buy?

    Jewelry, leather, carpets, clothing, local food and drinks, fishing equipments and souvenirs are the most popular quality shopping items in Marmaris.

    World class jewelry, leather and carpet shops worth visiting in your Marmaris holidays. Also you may find every kind of embroidery and traditional handicrafts made by the women in the area.

    Decorative copper and wooden art products, ornaments, and regional clothes are popular at the shops along the harbour.

    Marmaris is also popular with its local jam and honey. Shopping hours in Marmaris are from 9am to 10pm. And during summer season, many shops are remain open after 10pm.

    Popular Shopping Places

    Marmaris Grand Bazaar (Carsi Market)

    Type : Bazaar, Market, Designer Shops

    Marmaris Grand Bazaar is very popular for all Marmaris visitors. Located at the central Marmaris, the bazaar attracts thousands every day. The Bazaar is stationary along many roof covered streets. You are able to find all kind of products you imagine. Jewelry, carpet, fashion clothing, souvenirs & Turkish food shops of Turkish delight & spices are very popular. Recommended for every traveler. There is also a post office at the entrance of the market.

    Netsel Marina

    Type : Marina, Shops

    Netsel Marina is one of the best serving marinas in whole Mediterranean coats. Netsel Marina is one of the most popular attractions with a huge shopping area with variety of shops such as yacht equipment shops, brand clothing shops, markets and souvenir shops. There are also luxury restaurants and bars in the area.
    Tel : + 90 252 412 27 08 ; Fax: + 90 252 412 53 51 ;

    Marmaris Thursday & Icmeler Wednesday Markets

    Type : Local Itinerant Market

    Those popular local markets are set weekly. Itinerant and old tradition. You are able to find fresh fruits & vegetables, all kind of textile products, imitation brands, fashion goods clothing & shoes, home textile, hand made goods, souvenirs, ect. The prices are cheaper than the regular shops as it is a local market. Same itinerant market is set in Icmeler on Wednesdays. Marmaris Thursday Market is located along the Gn.Mustafa Muglali Str., about 200-300 meters from the central Marmaris.

    Street Markets in Marmaris

    The street markets in Marmaris offer fresh and cheap fruits and vegetables supplied by neighbouring towns and villages as well as quality textile products, clothes and handicrafts.

    The Thursday market (village market) held in central Marmaris and Wednesday market held in Icmeler are the most popular street markets in Marmaris.

    In addition; the Marmaris Grand Bazaar (Carsi Market) located at the central Marmaris, around the Marmaris Castle and Sunday market in Beldibi town is other popular markets in Marmaris.

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