Top 10 Best Restaurants in Marmaris + Advice

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    You’ll find numerous quality restaurants in Marmaris. Most of the popular ones are situated by the seafront, Marmaris Marina and Castle area. You can find every kind of food, beverage and world cuisine for your taste.

    Marmaris’s Top 10 Best Restaurants

    The Netsel Marina region is very ideal for a romantic dinner with its calm scenery and luxury restaurants. There are live music and cafe-bar opportunities for the couples or groups after dinner as well.

    Pineapple Restaurant in Netsel Marina

    Situated in Netsel Marina in central Marmaris and serving since 1998, the Pineapple Restaurant is famous for its beautiful garden, excellent marina and sea views, professional and high quality service and excellent menus. Pineapple Restaurant offers lovely Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine using local and seasonal products and modern cooking techniques.
    Address: Netsel Marina, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 252 412 09 76 , +90 252 413 04 31 Web:

    Pukka Restaurant & Cafe Lounge in Uzunyali

    Situated on the Long Beach (Uzunyali) of central Marmaris, Pukka Restaurant & Cafe Lounge is a stylish place that serves as restaurant, cafe and beach. Pukka Restaurant & Cafe Lounge offers lovely Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in its warm and friendly atmosphere by the beach front.
    Address: Cildir Mah. 207 Str. No:72 / Z1, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 252 412 77 88 Web:

    Bono Good Times in Yacht Marina and Long Beach

    Situated in yacht marina of Marmaris and also one branch in Uzunyali (Long beach), the Bono Good Times Marina and Bono Good Times Beach are popular Marmaris restaurants where the brand offers one-size-fits-all kind of venues alternating between sports bar. Bono Good Times offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine for its guests.
    Address 1: Tepe Mah. Barbaros Str. No:269/Z2 Yacht Marina, Marmaris
    Address 2: Cildir Mah. 207 Str. No:4/C Uzunyali, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 541 400 08 35 (Marina) , +90 541 400 08 36 (Beach) Web:

    Waterfall Restaurant in Icmeler

    Situated in a very beautiful setting at backdrop of Icmeler bay, Waterfall Restaurant is a unique place where you can find great selection of International food including genuine Indian dishes.
    Address: Kayabal street, Icmeler, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 252 455 45 06, GSM: +90 536 512 27 19
    Reservation from: or

    O’yes Restaurant in Marmaris harbor

    Situated in the beginning of the Marmaris harbor in central Marmaris and serving since 1991, the O’yes Restaurant is a family run restaurant and famous for its wonderful view over the sea, international cuisine and excellent menus.
    Address: Barbaros Str. No: 9, Old Marina, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 252 412 99 98 (Icmeler) Web:

    Tepe Restaurant in Armutalan

    Located in Armutalan neighborhood of Marmaris, in the famous Aqua Dream Water Park, the Tepe (Hill) Restaurant offers rich Turkish and international cuisine for its guest in the company of the outstanding panoramic views of Marmaris from above.
    Address: Sirinyer Mah. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Str., No:8 / A-B Armutalan, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 252 417 35 37, +90 252 417 70 74 Web:

    Taj Mahal Restaurant in Siteler and Icmeler

    Located on the Marmaris-Icmeler coastal road, in Siteler, the Taj Mahal Resturant is a fantastic restaurant offering authentic Indian cuisine for its guets. It will be exciting to try Indian cuisine on your Marmaris holidays. Taj Mahal Restaurant also has a branch in Icmeler.
    Address 1: Kemal Elgin Boulevard, Karacan Plaza No:54/17, Marmaris
    Address 2: Kemal Elgin Boulevard, No:27/K, Icmeler
    Tel: +90 252 417 44 12 (Marmaris), +90 252 455 47 21 (Icmeler) Web:

    Lighthouse Restaurant in Icmeler

    Located in Icmeler, the Lighthouse Resturant is a lovely restaurant, cafe and bar that offers Turkish and Indian cuisine with delicious food such as steak, pasta and fish baked in salt in its peaceful and friendly atmosphere.
    Address: Icmeler, Marmaris
    Tel: +90 252 455 28 33, +90 252 455 27 20 Web:

    Majestic Restaurant in Icmeler

    Located in Icmeler resort of Marmaris, in a beautiful enviroment near the Icmeler canal, Majestic Resturant is a great restaurant offering Chineese cuisine for its guets. For the ones who want to try Chineese food on their Marmaris holidays, than we recommend Majestic Restaurant for sure with its rich and healthy menus.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Osman Gazi Str. No:36/1, Icmeler
    Tel: +90 252 455 27 40 Web:

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