The Best Day Trips from Marmaris (Master Advice Guide)

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    Marmaris is a very big coastal town and located at the center of many world famous holiday towns in Turkey. We recommend you to take your time and visit the popular holiday and travel destinations nearby Marmaris. You will be fascinated with the best day trips from Marmaris for sure.

    Below we put together the best and the most popular side and day trip destinations situated within 100 km. from Marmaris.

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    Top Day Trips from Marmaris

    Among all these beautiful destinations, we highly recommend you to visit Dalyan, Pamukkale and Ephesus. You are able find and attend to a daily excursion for those destinations.

    Dalyan is set in an environmentally protected area of natural beauty, and lapped by astonishingly clear Mediterranean waters will certainly not disappoint. It is a little slice of pure bliss, and from the town you can take boat trips along the river, stopping off at hidden ruins, mud baths and the breading grounds of the endangered loggerhead turtle at the beautiful, and imaginatively named Turtle Beach.

    Dalyan’s very famous mud bath is another great attraction for the visitors. A complete day out, and the perfect way to get to know a few of the many faces of Marmaris.

    Ephesus is the best preserved, most extensive and most attractive Roman city in the Mediterranean. It is truly astonishing. You can see houses, city streets and small shops, not merely the huge temples, amphitheatres and villas usually associated with Roman sites.

    Here you can genuinely explore life over 2,000 years ago. It is impossible to over-exaggerate the majesty of Ephesus, but of course this means that it attracts many visitors a year.

    Pamukkale is a natural wonder of unrivalled beauty. The hot mineral waters that have been springing from the earth here for centuries have created a white stone wonderland, topped by the ancient city of Hierapolis above, sitting on the plateau. The natural hot waters are a special treat.

    Bathing, especially in the morning or evening is a particular joy, surrounded by surreal yet stunning landscapes, long, undisrupted valley views, and all the time, you know that the waters are healing any stiff joints or ailments you may have! What more could you possibly wish for?

    Or perhaps you’ll want to take a trip further afield, and spend some time in Fethiye, where you’ll find the amazing blue lagoon of Oludeniz, which the whole family will fall in love with.

    Popular Day Trips from Marmaris

    Traditional Village Tour

    Marmaris Village Tour is a great day out and sightseeing activity and excursion made from Marmaris to the nearby villages to discover and experience the beautiful villages, village life countryside, the culture and the nature. Holidaymakers may experience and enjoy the simplicity of rural life of the nearby villages of Marmaris and meet the local people.

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    Dalyan – Kaunos (2 hrs. by boat trip)

    Dalyan can be considered as a wonder of nature where the sea and the lake come together. The region is famous with the golden beach of Iztuzu, the sea turtles (Caretta Caretta), healthy mud bath and the ancient city of Kaunos. Continue reading…

    Pamukkale (200 km. from Marmaris)

    Here in the south-western part of Turkey is Denizli Province, home to Pamukkale. The word means “cotton castle” and is the key natural feature in this region.

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    Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride

    You’ll also find a spectacular hot air balloon flights in the region. Like in the famous Cappadocia hot air balloon ride, this is also a unique and magical experience. You can read more and book your flight from our Pamukkale hot air balloon tour page.

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    Ephesus (215 km. from Marmaris)

    Ephesus is an ancient Greek city located in Selcuk-Izmir, whose many structures still stand as well as they did thousands of years ago, as if they were built also for the purpose of stunning visitors to the city today.

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    Knidos (110 km. from Marmaris)

    Knidos is one of the best promenade area of the region where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Continue reading…

    Gulf of Gokova (30 km. from Marmaris)

    Gokova is located 30 kilometers on the north of Marmaris. Gokova Gulf is one of the most preferred blue voyage destinations with its wonderful coves and history. The gulf has an outstanding view from the high hills. Continue reading…

    Datca (75 km. from Marmaris)

    Tucked away on Turkey’s Aegean coastline is the lesser-known, but truly magical, peninsula of Datca. Its rugged mountains, crystal-clear bays, olive groves, and ancient ruins make it an unparalleled paradise waiting to be discovered.

    Datca is a blissful retreat away from the usual throng of tourists. It is a picturesque, narrow peninsula that stretches out towards the Aegean Sea, adorned with quaint villages, unspoiled beaches, and historical sites. What sets the resort apart from other tourist destinations is its untouched natural beauty and the laid-back lifestyle that it offers.

    Datca Guide

    Koycegiz (55 km. from Marmaris)

    Koycegiz is established nearby a big lakeand is also famous with its tasty drinking water. Continue reading…

    Sarigerme (96 km. from Marmaris)

    Away from the humdrum of city life, nestled in the southwestern coast of Turkey, is the serene and scenic village of Sarigerme. It’s a destination often overlooked, overshadowed by the allure of the more prominent coastal towns like Marmaris and Bodrum.

    Sarigerme is a tranquil oasis boasting a glorious seven-kilometer stretch of white sandy beach backed by lush green hills. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, ensuring long, sunny summers and mild winters. Being a small village, don’t expect the neon signs and high-rise hotels often associated with popular tourist resorts. Instead, you will find modest accommodations, local eateries serving authentic Turkish cuisine, and an unhurried way of life.

    Sarigerme Guide

    Fethiye – Oludeniz (135 km. from Marmaris)

    Fethiye hosts a big international marina at the entrance of a big and beautiful bay covered with lots of islands nearby. World famous Oludeniz (Dead Sea), Saklikent, Butterfly Valley, Tlos, Xanthos are place of interest. Continue reading…

    Rhodes (45 mins by ferries)

    Rhodes is a Greek island located on the south-west of Marmaris. Today, the Island of Rhodes is an important tourist destination in the Mediterranean. Continue reading…

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