Bayir Village along Marmaris (Top Attractions, Sights)

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    Bayir is located 23,6 kilometers on the southwest of Marmaris. The village is located on the popular 4×4 Off-Road Safari tour routes.

    How it is like?

    Bayir village is famous for its historical plane tree, ancient City of Syrna remnants and its Mosque. It is very exciting to take a break and have your coffee, tea or ayran (yoghurt drink) under the huge plane tree in the village square.

    We recommend you to taste the local food and drinks there. The water from the fountain in the village square also worth tasting.

    Top Things to Do & See

    There is a historical plane tree of 2300 years of age in the village. Old Plane Tree is very popular for the travelers. Take a photo with the plane tree and drink ayran (yoghurt drink).

    According to the legend, if you walk once around the old plane tree, it prolongs life. This is also written on the identity disc of the plane tree.

    Bayir is also located on the ancient city of Syrna. At the place where there is a mosque now, it is beleived that there was a temple dedicated for Asklepios, the God of Health. The acropolis is located two kilometers on the northeast side of the village.

    It takes half an hour by walking. You may see the remnants of the city walls, some grave stone and structures. The stony road leads to the Acropolis.

    How to Get There?


    Bayir is located 23,6 km. on the southwest of Marmaris, via Turunc.

    Transport Options

    If you don’t have a private or rented car, than it is better to visit and see Bayir village via the daily excursions tours. Marmaris 4×4 Off-Road Safari Tour or Marmaris Village Tour are the best choices.

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