Ancient Settlements & Cities in and around Marmaris

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    Every region in Marmaris has a history of the ancient times and full of beautiful coves, promenade areas and beaches. A one week Marmaris holiday won’t be enough to discover and experience Marmaris.

    Ancient Settlements & Cities around


    Although it is not certain when Marmaris was founded but in the 6th century BC the city was known as Physkos and it was part of the Caria. Physkos was an important port town of the Caria region. The ruins of Physkos can be seen from the Asar Hill located on the north of Marmaris. The city walls on the Acropolis still exist.

    Loryma (Bozukkale)

    Loryma is located in the fatrhest south point on the Bozburun peninsula. You may see the ruins of a long and narrow castle having a round tower with the nearby cisterns on both ends. It has nine square towers on the top walls. There are no remnants of any building inside the castle now. On the coast of Loryma there is a cove named Bozuk.


    Amos is located nearby the residential area of Asarcik, on the south of Marmaris. Amos’ history stands for the Hellenistic era. There are a theatre, a temple and some statue bases in the region.

    Amos is surrounded by the walls from the same era. Especially the theatre’s condition is good. Transportation is by the sea from Marmaris cove and Turunc. Ferry station is in Hisarburnu.

    Cedrae – Cleopatra Island

    Cedrea is a wonderful promenade region. It is located 16 km. on the north of Marmaris. Cedrae Island is also known as Cleopatra Island or City Island. The remnants of the city walls can be seen. It is famous with its huge beach and ancient theatre ruins. There is an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra swim here.

    The ruins on the east part of the island stands for the era of Romans. Theatre area is in good condition. On the east part of the island there is an Agora. According to some epigraphs, athletics festivals have been organized in this area for the honour of Apollon.


    Hydras is located by the Erine – Bybassios route, 35 km. from Marmaris. Ancient town of Hydras was established on the Selimiye Bay on the north side of the Bozburun peninsula. Remnants of the citywalls and a square grave monument on the south can easily be seen. 3 km. away from Hydas on the coast, there is an observation tower and three graves on the tower.


    There are ruins from the era of the Romans in Erine. Erine is located 3 km. away from the Hisaronu Village. You may reach Hisaronu following the road to Datca and turning south from the Bozburun intersection on the 20th km. Erine is also a nice promenade area.

    Castabus (Pazarlik)

    Castabus is located in the Pazarlik area nearby the Hisaronu Village. The area was a holy place on the hills of mountain Eren. You will see an Ion temple (4th century BC) here built as an oath for Hemithaya, the Goddess famous for the illness treatments.

    Temple also has Dorians’ figures too. Nearby the temple, there is an ancient theatre. In the ancient ages, Castabus Festivals are organized in the region.

    Saranda (Sogut)

    Saranda is located nearby the village Sogut, 45 km. away from Marmaris. The are was a settlement area during the era of Romans and Byzantium. You may only see some ruins of the era.


    The ruins of the ancient Bybassios city can be seen on the route to Erine through Bozburun direction. Today’s Orhaniye Village is established on the hills where the ruins of Bybassios stands. The citywalls are spread over a scattered forest area.


    Nimara is located on the south of Marmaris on Paradise Island with a connection of a artificial mountain pass. There are some ruins in the area.


    Euthenna is located through the Karacasogut Village. Citywalls of the settlement area is in good condition and also there is a remnant of an ancient port at the shore.


    Knidos is worth seeing. It is located on Tekirburnu, the farthest west side of Datca peninsula. Knidos was the most important port city of Caria. Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantium traces can be seen in the region. Knidos was built partly on the mainland and partly on the Island of Triopion. Hippadomas is a well planned city with right angel intersecting roads.

    The walls on the outskirts of the mountain forms a natural defense shield surrounding the Acropolis. The Odeon, the small theatre, the big theatre, the Korint temple and the lion statues are the remaining remnants in the region. There is an outstanding panorama on the hill. From one side you see the Aegean Sea, on the side you see the Mediterranean Sea. Beaches in the area is also worth swimming.


    Kaunos is located nearby the Candir Village, on the west side of the Dalyan Creek. Dalyan is a great tourist area with its history, turtle beach and thermal mud. Kaunos is inside the region and worth seeing. Kaunos was a Caria city in the 4th century BC.

    The area is very huge with terrace Temple, seaport Agora, theatres, rock tombs and bath. Dalyan is 80 km. from Marmaris. There are boat trips from Marmaris to Dalyan that we highly recommend.

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