8 Epic Activities To Welcome In The New Year

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    The new year is approaching. Your 2022 may have been arduous. It may have been transformative. Most likely, it was a mix. We have compiled a list of unique activities from all over the world to welcome in the New Year. Choose which suits you best!

    Renting A Party Boat In Spain

    A party boat rental in Ibiza is the perfect way to celebrate with and treat your friends on New Year’s Eve. Take the opportunity to dress up and make significant memories with your chosen family. Make a plan to all chip in to rent a yacht for an epic party you are unlikely to forget. 

    The Ibiza sea provides a scenic view all around. You’ll be able to marvel at the scattered rocky islands and the purple, orange, and blue sunset that lights up the sea.

    While Ibiza is known as a prominent party destination, a party boat rental makes your party intimate and personal.

    Camping Or Glamping In Turkey

    If you’re interested in something natural with friends and family, Marmaris in Turkey, is the perfect place to welcome in the New Year.

    Many Marmaris coastal traditional campsites are nestled within pine and sweet gum forests and mountains. And they are equipped with electricity and bathroom facilities.

    Most people enjoy a good old carefree camping trip. However, Marmaris also provides luxurious glamping boutique opportunities if something more modern is your style. 

    Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing (albeit a bit chilly) swim in the blue-shaded sea.

    Ice Fishing In Canada

    The Canadian tradition of New Year’s ice fishing gives you and your family a good reason to get out into nature. Usher in the new year with a new and unique experience!

    This tradition dates back thousands of years to when Native Americans drilled holes into the frozen lakes to catch their meal out of necessity. 

    The freezing cold temperature may seem unpleasant. Fortunately, ice fishing companies now provide heated huts and cooking equipment for your comfort. Guides will give you all the crucial information you need about fishing laws, patterns, and species.

    Ice fishing is a little calmer than the usual New Year’s festivities. But it’s a great way to start the new year bonding with your family.

    Trekking Up Table Mountain In South Africa

    Trekking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, is another adventurous New Year’s activity on which you won’t want to miss out. 

    Hike or take the cable car up the flat-topped mountain for a magnificent view of New Year’s Eve fireworks. The city below also displays decadent and colorful lights. 

    December is summer in South Africa, so you’ll mostly stay warm. But don’t forget to bring a jacket for when the temperature drops at the top of the mountain.

    Then, after your hike, you have the option of dancing, watching live music, and feasting at an array of Cape Town city restaurants.

    Parading At Junkanoo Festival In The Bahamas

    The Junkanoo Carnival is calling you from the Bahamas!

    Bahamians put in months of work preparing for Junkanoo. They practice dances, chanting, and music routines, as well as construct costumes and assemble beautiful art pieces. Each family shows off their creations on Boxing Day. 

    The festival takes place on December 26th and January 1st when you can gaze at the fireworks in the sky and the dynamic parade on the ground. 

    Bahamian traditional food is sold and children can participate in activities such as hula hooping, hopscotch, and bouncy houses. The atmosphere is joyous and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

    Celebrating At Hogmanay Festival In Scotland

    New Year’s festivals encourage a sense of community and place. And Edinburgh, Scotland, is the perfect destination to enjoy this.

    The Christmas holiday was banned in Scotland in 1640 for 400 years. So, Scots invented Hogmanay to make sure they can still party at the end of the year!

    Fire and lights flood the streets before New Year’s Eve. This is followed by the main event of fireworks, traditional songs, and dancing. Sipping Whiskey all the while. 

    Want to rid yourself of that New Year’s hangover or freshen up after not sleeping at all? Jump into the ice-cold waters of South Queensferry with 1000 Scots for the tradition of the Loony Dock.

    Partying At Berlin’s Silvester In Germany

    Fireworks! Everywhere you go for New Year’s you’ll be dazzled by them. But the Berlin Silvester fireworks of blue, pink, and gold are something else.

    Originally, the Germans believed fireworks scare away bad spirits. And we don’t want any of that negative energy following us into 2023!

    Silvester (German New Year’s) calls for jubilar festivities. Brandenburg Gate is the big party location. There you will be able to attend a live concert by a specially chosen famous artist and dance all night long.

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