10 top tips on how to create a really good listing and sell an apartment in Turkey

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    This article is addressed primarily to inexperienced people who prefer to publish their ads on various real estate portals. However, it may also be of interest to market professionals. Turk.Estate has collected some interesting and useful tips for home sellers to make a really good deal.

    What’s wrong with your real estate listing?

    By advertising your property on a website, you probably want to sell it as quickly and inexpensively as possible. It is tempting to embellish the features of your home, but you have to be very careful with this. If you distort the information, it may alienate a potential buyer.

    Features of creating good advertising

    So, what are the functions of creating and managing advertising that can do you no good?

    1. The phrase “bargaining is inappropriate.” Some sellers do not like to bargain, so they publish the lowest price they agree to. Although this may work in a hot market, the statement will scare off many potential buyers in other cases. The final price in transactions is 5-6% lower than the initial one. Agents advise setting the price slightly above the market for negotiations. This will eventually allow you to get the amount you desire.
    2. The phrase “all household appliances are included”. Many sellers of foreign real estate are not interested in picking up such bulky things as a refrigerator or stove, and prefer to leave all these items in the apartment to the new owner. However, by announcing that household appliances are included in the price, you are missing a good opportunity to bargain.
    3. Distorting facts, or “our basement is never flooded.” Customers rely on the information in your ad, and if you misstate the age of the house, exaggerate the size of the plot, or mistakenly call the area safe, although this is not the case, you may lose a potential buyer.
    4. The phrase “the house is for sale urgently.” Do not show your interest in selling your home. This may signal to the buyer that you are ready to dump and agree to a deal on the most unfavourable terms. You should describe your house or apartment in the best possible way and not overcharge.
    5. “Many letters”. Too long descriptions of real estate with a list of boring details and repetitive information will tire a potential buyer. Moreover, do not forget that a person in search of housing comes across dozens of ads on various websites. Reveal the main points about your property, and you will be able to tell a potential buyer about all its details and show it if necessary. It should be noted that advertisements that are too short and stingy with information are as bad as excessively long ones. By the way, do not forget about the paragraphs. The text must be structured. Otherwise, it is not a text, but a series of words.
    6. Phrases like “a unique apartment at a great price”. Although you may be tempted to draw attention to your apartment with exclamation marks and enthusiastic prose, please be careful! You must learn how to make real estate ads clearly and professionally. A lot of emotionally intense vocabulary and cliché will make you nervous and alienate potential customers.
    7. “Take it off the site immediately”. Photos are a key in real estate listings! The description of your property may be perfect, but you make it clear without good photos: I am not proud of my home. However, if you are interested in selling your property as quickly as possible, you should pay attention to the photos in the ads. They must be perfect and of the highest quality. There is another way – if you are really interested in a profitable sale of your property, you can hire a professional photographer. They have professional approaches and tricks on how to do better. Your apartment or house will look amazing in the photo.
    8. There is no connection to the area. Many sellers do not indicate the location of the property on the map, although modern real estate portals provide such an opportunity. You should not make such mistakes and pay attention to the location, as this is what the buyer focuses on. This is also important, like the features and peculiarities of your residence. Give the buyer an excellent opportunity to find your property on the map and “walk” around the area, find supermarkets or transport stops, pave a virtual path to the sea, if we are talking about resort real estate. In addition, you can take beautiful photos of the surroundings from the quadcopter and become unique among other advertisements. Remember, advertising and modern technology are connected forever!
    9. There is no layout of the apartment. It is impossible to get an idea of real estate only by photos. Be sure to add a layout to your ad. In this case, it will become clear to customers whether this option is suitable for their purposes or not.
    10. “You posted your ad and forgot about it at all!” This is the most important point. Your advertising works well – the photos are impressive, and the text sparks initial interest from customers. A potential buyer got right into the sales funnel by sending you a request, but you did not see it or noticed it only after two or three days. During this time, your potential customer has written to other sellers and received a dozen offers. Do not lose the buyer at this stage! Keep an eye on and respond to requests on time!

    So, let’s sum up. The ideal formula for profitable sale of real estate through a specialized website looks like this:

    • Beautiful photos;
    • Competent clear texts;
    • A link to the location;
    • A market price with a small gap for bidding;
    • Quick responses to customers’ requests.

    Follow this direction, and you will succeed.

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